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Comment Re:And M$ again shafts Windows 7 and 8 users again (Score 1) 51

Luckly enough, it's not going to be a one-sided win for DirectX this time. Vulkan supports all versions of Windows from XP onwards and for that reason there's a lot of game studios going to use Vulkan instead of DirectX 12.
Blizzard and EA and a few others are even Khronos members.

Comment Sorry, I'm calling a recount (Score 4, Interesting) 160

The guy who posted this never bothered checking out his own links. If you read the story about the guy gored to death by a bull, he was filming two bulls fighting, not actually taking a selfie. Also, the bison death seems unrelated to selfies... so that would mean shark attacks come out ahead, yeh! The sharks win!

Comment yield problems (Score 2) 99

Iris Pro was first introduced with Haswell with much fanfare. There were both as desktop and laptop versions. But in reality the products barely existed. There is only a handfull of design wins, which sold in very small quantities.
Now, we have a product based on Broadwell Iris Pro that's cancelled. At this point it's looking like Intel were having major yield problems with the production of the on chip eDRAM.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 47

> To keep the competition in the dark?
I would doubt it would give the competition any real advantage - given that the it's written specfically for AMD hardware and the competition already have working drivers that are doing the same thing as AMD's drivers.
More, likely it's to hide stuff that might be infringing on patients, contain plagarised code, or gaming benchmarks.

Submission Nvidia's Maxwell architecture performs poorly at DirectX 12 games

edxwelch writes: Benchmarks have shown Oxide Game's Ashes of the Singularity’s DirectX 12 Alpha benchmark performing better on AMD GPUs. There has been much discussion about the cause, but recent comments on Overclock forums from an Oxide Games developer reveal that Maxwell GPUs do not properly support Asynchronous compute and that's why AMD performs so well in the benchmarks.
The problem seems to be hardware related. The Maxwell architecture is optimised for the serial nature of DirectX 11, while AMD's GCN GPUs have been built from the ground up to take advantage of asychronous shaders.

Comment Not really for consumers (Score 1) 80

These drives are 7 time faster than the fastest SSD, but also more expensive. That should be the other way around to be beneficial to PC users.
SSDs are currently too expensive to use as bulk storage, so normally you have a small SSD, which has the OS and other frequently accessed files and then you have a HDD which holds less used large files (i.e. video library etc.)
The HDD is an order of magnitude slower that the SSD, so this is really what is slowing down the system. This 3D XCross drive is making the part of the system that is already fast, faster.

Comment The end of DirectX? (Score 2) 46

I'm quite amazed that Vulkan will support all versions of Windows from XP onwards. So you can have the low overhead of DirectX 12 without forcing your users to upgrade to Windows 10.
I can see a lot of game developers migrating to Vulkan, just because they get more sales the more OS versions they support

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