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Comment: Re:Stock price impact. (Score 1) 27

by edxwelch (#49519979) Attached to: For High-End CPUs, Qualcomm Ditches TSMC For Samsung

That's not the way it works.
Qualcomm is successful because their modems support *all* telecom protocols, not just LTE. That's know as a "world modem". No other company has that support. So, if they want to sell their phone in a certain market they have to use a Qualcomm modem. If they try to use a Qualcomm modem solution, with a third party SoC the manufacture gets charged a penalty - the same modem is a lot cheaper if you pair it with a Snapdragon SoC. And *that's* how Qualcomm make their money.

+ - Leaked details, if true, point to potent AMD Zen CPU-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: For more than a year, information on AMD’s next-generation CPU architecture, codenamed Zen, has tantalized the company’s fans — and those who simply want a more effective competitor against Intel. Now, the first concrete details have begun to appear. And if they’re accurate, the next-generation chip could pack a wallop.
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Comment: Re:Integrate the LTE Chip (Score 1) 77

by edxwelch (#49261763) Attached to: Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer

It's also a possiblity that Intel haven't transitioned to their own fabs because of the cost structure. Remember Intel's fabs have always been designed for the manufacture of high margin CPU's, where performance is more important than cost. Low margin mobile products require a different philosophy and TSMC fabs are better suited for low cost manufacture.

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