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Comment: Maybe growth, but not profit (Score 1) 109

by edxwelch (#46771249) Attached to: Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft

Intel are determined to sell 40 million of their tablet chips, but they certainly aren't going to make any profit, because of "contra revenue".
"Intel is charging customers about the same as Allwinner and Rockchip for tablet CPUs â" $5 a pop, reports Digitimes"

No surprise that their mobile group lost nearly $1 billion last quarter.

Comment: OpenGL renaissance? (Score 1) 245

by edxwelch (#46739499) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

I think we could see a new OpenGL renaissance, because of Steam OS and OpenGL ES being used in mobile games.
I saw a post on the Unreal engine forums about how they intend to implement first class OpenGL support in the new engine. They really hate the way Microsoft tie DirectX updates with the OS. (You can see this post here -at very end: https://answers.unrealengine.c...)
Also, consider OpenGL 4.4 has had Mantle like features since last year which will only come out in DirectX 12 in 2015.

+ - OpenGL 4.4 already has DirectX 12 and Mantle-like features

Submitted by edxwelch
edxwelch (600979) writes "The announcement of DirectX 12 was a big focus of attention at GDC yesterday. The new API will bring Mantle-like low level access to the hardware, reducing the CPU overhead.
The OpenGL talk "Approaching Zero Driver Overhead in OpenGL", on the other hand, received considerably less media attention. The OpenGL camp maintains that the features to reduce CPU overhead are already present in the current version. They suggest using the extensions such as, multidraw indirect combined with bindless graphics and sparse textures, OpenGL can get the similiar "close to the metal" performance as Mantle and DirectX 12."

Comment: Iris Pro is a white elephant (Score 4, Interesting) 173

by edxwelch (#46539075) Attached to: Intel Announced 8-Core CPUs And Iris Pro Graphics for Desktop Chips

The eDRAM simply makes the chip way too expensive.
If you look at the price of i7 core 4770R: $358. It's an i7 but has only has 6 MB of cache (compared to the 8mb of the regular i7 4770). So basically, it's about the same value as a i5-4670K which cost $243. With the price difference you could buy a Radeon R7 260X, which will trash Iris Pro in performance.

+ - Is id Software a "sinking ship?"

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "All is not well at the house that Doom built. Gamecrastinate reports that a string of comments by current and former employees of id Software reveal long-standing problems with upper-level management. The most recent, made in December, shortly after the departure of id co-founder John Carmack, describes the company as a "sinking ship", one that has lost over a hundred people, including Carmack, in the prior two years. The anonymous whistle-blower lays the blame squarely upon the "incompetence" of id's managers, and their tendency to "re-invent" projects after as few as six months of work. Last year, Kotaku reported on the troubled development history of Doom 4, a game that was first announced in 2008, and one that has been rebuilt from scratch at least once. In February, id began offering beta access to the upcoming game, now simply titled Doom , as an incentive for pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order. When it finally gets here, will it be enough to pull id out of their downward spiral, or is the company going to hell for real?"

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