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Comment: Re:Landing vs splashdown (Score 1) 342

You mean how trashed the space is where the old Constitution is? It's basically George Washington's axe at this point- there's very little left of the original ship, just all the stuff that they patched her with. She was overhauled and rebuilt multiple times while still on duty, but the article you sent notes that by 1925 she was in such bad shape the stern was ready to fall off and had to be fully repaired. She was repaired again in 1973, then in 1995 they rebuilt her again to return her to her original design.

Comment: Re:Easy grammar (Score 1) 626

Annoyingly it also dropped the you singular and you plural- no tu/vous distinction which makes it clear if you're talking to an individual or group.

The best alternative I know if (even as a Northerner) is y'all, the only Southernism I picked up while living there.

For large groups it's "all y'all"

Comment: Re:Correction Re:STEM *is* Humanities (Score 1) 397

by edremy (#49380587) Attached to: Why America's Obsession With STEM Education Is Dangerous
I'd rather you be able to both communicate effectively and do reasonable design, so as to avoid embarrassing, very very expensive, or fatal problems. The idea that somehow STEM grads naturally pick up on how to communicate effectively is about as laughable as the idea that humanities students learn science through daily life, and the idea that somehow STEM education is so difficult that you have to skip out on humanities is absurd.

Comment: Re:Maybe on Android, but not for long (Score 1) 107

Google certainly will- its dominance in search means the FTC might take a rather dim view of them excluding alternates on Android.

Apple might not, although they allow lots of other MS apps including some that compete directly such as Office365 vs. iWork. My guess is that most iOS users are so embedded in Apple's ecosystem that switching to a less-well integrated app away from Siri will be the choice of just about nobody.

Comment: Re:Advertising's Big Flaw (Score 1) 271

by edremy (#49047365) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End

Seriously- what kind of people use, as a primary input into their purchasing decisions, whether they've heard the name?

Lots of people, you among them. It's not even a matter of "Well, there are 300 makers of this product with odd Chinese names, or LG. Hmmm- which to pick?", it's just getting the name out there at all so that you know they might be a supplier, especially if it's a new market. One of my employees sent me a note yesterday on a special type of active HDMI cable that might solve a problem we have right now. Are they the best? I don't know, but chances are I'll make note of the name when I'm doing a search for that type of cable. That tiny bit of brand recognition does make a difference, even if you think it doesn't.

I work pretty hard to keep ads out of my life, but I'm well aware they manage to affect me anyway.

Comment: Re:Cost; exclusive applications (Score 1) 307

by edremy (#48927003) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

And there are plenty of applications that are on iOS but not Windows, such as games and messaging applications. If the game you want to play is exclusive to iOS, or the family member with whom you wish to communicate uses a proprietary instant messaging application that is available only for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, then a Surface Pro isn't going to be the best choice.

Did I just see the availability of games on an Apple device being touted as an *advantage* over Windows? Man, comp.sys.mac.advocacy must be exploding... (BTW, I have Steam on my Surface, so there's not exactly a lack of games for it)

Comment: Re:I have (Score 1) 307

by edremy (#48924101) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One
Kind of the same boat. Via work I have an iPad 2, Nexus 7 (first gen), MS Surface, Samsung Chromebook and HTC One phone. The Chromebook is my primary portable machine (email/web/notes), the Surface is really useful for certain specialized tasks, and the phone is always there, but the iPad and Nexus pretty much gather dust. The keyboard/trackpad combination is just really hard to beat for most tasks, and the Chromebook's is better than the Surface's. Doing any kind of real work on an iPad is just a recipe for high blood pressure.

The iPad is useful as a ereader when I'm on an exercise bike, so there is that...

Comment: Re:Well Done, SpaceX (Score 2) 248

by edremy (#48834727) Attached to: SpaceX Landing Attempt Video Released
Really? Boeing returned a first stage booster from an orbital launch to the ground, intact? [Citation please] I've been following the space program since I was born- my first memory is Apollo 11, and I'm pretty sure Boeing has never managed anything like this at all.

And yes, the LEM managed a landing and ascent. On the moon. With no air. And 1/6th the gravity. And using separate ascent and landing stages- the stage that launched to lunar orbit was *not* recovered intact, and the landing stage was discarded after descent. It's not exactly the same problem.

Comment: Re:Silence (Score 1) 790

by edremy (#48787199) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Sounds We Don't Hear Any More?
Debated modding or replying here, but I'll echo this with a (quiet) absolutely.

Quiet is so rare these days people freak out when they (don't) hear it. I have a private office at work and it's still noisy- spillover noise from outside conversations, air handler, nearby printers, etc. I get a few minutes of it at nighttime and I'll often lay and enjoy it- enough quiet that I can hear a soft breeze outside or my wife breathing.

It's a lot like dark- very few people have ever been someplace actually *dark*, and their first action is to turn on a light rather than let their eyes adapt.

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