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Comment: Re:Linux just works... (Score 4, Insightful) 965

by edmicman (#43166761) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?

For what it's worth, I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 with Cinnamon and I swear I have to reboot just as much as I do in Windows. There are prompts for updates almost every other day, and probably a reboot prompt every other week or so. Now, I know in Linux I probably don't *have* to reboot and could just kick services, and it's probably a lot related to the desktop manager and I could just restart that. But at least for me it's far from the panacea of infinite uptime, at least from a desktop user perspective.

Comment: How much can I mod it? (Score 2) 392

by edmicman (#42972653) Attached to: The Chromebook Pixel Is Real, and Expensive

My initial questions are:
What is the effective resolution? I.e., 1388x768 or whatever? It doesn't actually display at that resolution, does it?
Can you replace the HD?
Can you wipe it and run another OS like Linux or Windows on it?
What 'touch' features does ChromeOS use?

Seems like it might be a sweet little portable dev machine, that's not a Mac. Why is it that the only ones coming out with hires laptop displays are Apple or Google? Where's my 14" Lenovo with that resolution?

Comment: Printing (Score 1) 417

by edmicman (#42491715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Using a Tablet As a Sole Computing Device?

I've thought about pushing my grandmother and maybe my family to tablet-only since they have similar use-cases you describe and I think it would ease a lot of support headaches on my side. The only main hangup I've thought of is printing; my dad still loves to print stuff, as it seems a lot of older people do, too. There are cloud print / air print options out there but they all seem to involve either new specific cloud enabled printers, or shared printers on existing PCs. Honestly, to solve that I've been looking to set up a Raspberry Pi as a print server. I think think using CUPS I could hook that directly up to a printer and have it "available" to any other device on the local network. Then I think I could if I needed have some sort of headless chrome install if I really needed Google Cloud print to print over the Internet. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet...still need a second Pi unless I free up my raspbmc install!

Comment: Re:Marriage =/= legal union. (Score 1) 804

Those who are opposing gay marriage want to thrust their religious beliefs into the definition. Predominantly the religion they want to define marriage is a Protestant Christian one.

Whoa, now! The most vitriolic marriage arguments I hear seem to stem from the Catholics I know. While I'll admit that the party line for Christianity in general is anti gay marriage, it does seem that there are a number of Protestant members that are at least open to progressive thinking.

Comment: Yes (Score 2) 663

by edmicman (#40457769) Attached to: Are Open-Source Desktops Losing Competitiveness?

I dabbled in Linux for awhile, then switched full time to Ubuntu some years back. I wanted to run some specific games and switched to Windows 7 for awhile, until the hard drive crashed and am now back on the latest Ubuntu. I went from Unity to plain Gnome3 and now am on Cinnamon. And yes, I think the open source desktops are losing competitiveness. I personally think at this point in time OSX is the only one keeping things together. Windows 7 is actually very nice but Windows 8 looks like a train wreck. But for Linux it seems like your choices of desktop environments are either stuck in Win95-era or prior feel, or you have a "modern" DE that's half-assed at best and takes a ton of work to make it usable.

Speaking mostly for Gnome, but the colors, themes, icons...they always feel like they're missing that extra polish or something that you get from the commercial OSes. Everything just feels...clumsy. It may work, but it just isn't polished. And while I appreciate pushing new innovations both Unity and Gnome3 seem to be halfway there at best, leaving sort of mostly working setups.

Thing is, with Compiz and the wobbly windows stuff, it actually looked pretty sharp. Honestly, I think the more things I try the less I know what I want, just that what I have isn't exactly what I'm looking for!

Just my $.02.

Comment: Exactly (Score 5, Insightful) 575

by edmicman (#40457565) Attached to: Bill Gates Says Tablets Aren't Much Help In Education

I've wondered the same thing as I've seen ads that pretty much every major school district in my area are touting iPads for every student next year. I love new shiny tech, but I feel like 'get of my lawn' curmudgeon being skeptical on the benefits of outfitting every kid with a free-to-use tablet. It's especially frustrating when in the same article about the local district offering iPads to everyone (via a technology-specific millage) that same district is still 500k in the hole after cutting $1 million by way of faculty layoffs.

I haven't looked, but is there research showing that giving every student an iPad improves something?

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