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Comment: Re:statistics a soft science? (Score 1) 265

by edittard (#40443859) Attached to: Teaching Natural Sciences To Social Science Students?

If you can convince the NIH to fund a case study whose principle researcher admits he can't understand anything the quantitative guys put out

Ethics is one of those areas that's difficult to quantify in any meaningful or useful way though some (notably J.S. Mill) tried.

you're a better grant-writer then I.

I sincerely hope he isn't worse at any kind of writing.

Comment: Re:Ok ok...I'll tell you! (Score 5, Funny) 218

by edittard (#39010155) Attached to: Boiling Down the Meaning of Life
The article crashed my browser so I can't decisively, notwithstanding that it was in quotes, determine if that awful prose you rightly cited is the submitter's own words or not, however it is undeniably (though some might disagree) neither the first, nor likely on the balance of probability the last heap of inaccurate, illegible and (to some ears, arguably illegible) tripe to be posted on Slashdot, all of which begs the question: "is our editors editing?"

Comment: what a load of shite (Score -1, Flamebait) 163

by edittard (#35362726) Attached to: World's Most Powerful Optical Microscope

Scientists have produced the world's most powerful optical microscope, which could help understand the causes of many viruses and diseases.

Do viruses have a cause?

allow us to examine closely viruses and biomedicine for the first time.'"

Biomedicine is an academic discipline. You don't need a microscope to examine it. Here's a jar of physics, go and check if it contains any thermodynamics. Careful with that flask, it's full of chemistry!

Comment: Bollocks (Score 0) 391

by edittard (#34610098) Attached to: Is Going To an Elite College Worth the Cost?

Researchers say that alumni of the most selective colleges earn, on average, 40 percent more a year than those who graduated from the least selective public universities, as calculated 10 years after they graduated from [huh?-Ed] and found that 'attendance at an elite private college significantly increases the probability of attending graduate school, and more specifically graduate school at a major research university.'

That is NOT a correct sentence. Even if you removed the superfluous preposition it would still, quite frankly, be a shit one.

Comment: Re:Tips... (Score 1) 519

by edittard (#33725832) Attached to: As smart-phones go, my phone is ...

So what do you do when the food turns out to be poor?

I send it back. One aspect of the service is how well they deal with that. Having said that, I've had 100 instances of poor service for every time the food's been bad. The point is it shouldn't be there as something that I'm expected to negotiate down. The system as it is generally works as long as dickheads like you don't abuse it.

What the world *really* needs is a good Automatic Bicycle Sharpener.