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Comment Nah (Score 1) 41

Their goal was to make a system capable of mimicking the knowledge and intuition of human security analysts so that attacks can be detected in real time.

That was their secondary fall-back goal.

The primary was to be able to predict stock and commodity markets, or at least sports events. They gave it up because it wasn't really contributing to the greater good of humanity. No, really. Cross my heart.

Submission + - So it begins: Iowa caucus underway (cnn.com)

edittard writes: The brash real estate mogul has touted his business record and wealth, defied political correctness, commanded social media, insulted Mexicans, Muslims and his rivals, and refused to apologize for anything. And through the long preamble to the election season, Trump has dominated the Republican race at every turn.
Key questions are:
How does Donald Trump do with the evangelical vote?

Did Hillary Clinton learn her lesson in 2008?

Has anyone noticed just how much garbage timothy is posting?

How enthusiastic are the voters in either party?

Why wasn't he escorted out of the buiding at gunpoint?

Will Sanders' younger supporters actually caucus and vote?

Monday night's Iowa caucuses will offer the first real test of his ability to transform all the attention surrounding his candidacy into lasting electoral success. A new era or a damp squib?

Comment Re:Just buy legos (Score 1) 165

Do you see the word "custom" in the article?

While it's true it doesn't explicitly state "ripoffs of standard ones" either, part of the art of writing is spotting ambiguities and potential misinterpretations and nipping them in the bud. Of course this is so hard OMG, because it requires some level of critical reading skills.

But in the long run it saves everybody's time, including the writer's, because he doesn't have to answer the same question 274 times.

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