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Comment: Re:Good grief (Score 1) 61

by edittard (#49513623) Attached to: New Nudge Technology Prods You To Take Action
I had this idea of taking pieces of bog roll and compressing them like a very lot and enclosing them in a capsule. You'd swallow them at the end of a meal and when you pooped them out they'd burst and expand automatically hygieneise your botty-wotty. I proposed this to some venture capitalists and they turned me down in favour of some website where you post inane details about your life in a vain attempt to appear like you don't have an utterly pointless existence. Who's laughing now, you bastards?

Comment: Re:Render farm? (Score 2) 150

Wrong on two counts. One, "you fucking American idiot" doesn't have a finite verb so it's not a complete sentence. Had he written "you're a..." you might have a point.

Two, it's correct to use a comma to separate the addressee.

Many people here omit it, sometimes changing the meaning somewhat.

"There's an orange, doctor" vs. "There's an orange doctor"

Comment: Re:This, if true, will utterly destroy (Score 1) 279

by edittard (#49464933) Attached to: Researchers Developing An Algorithm That Can Detect Internet Trolls

I don't understand why a serious media company like CBS News wants their brand to be associated with constant racist ignorance

Clearly a stupid move. Competitive theory suggests targeting segments where you are strong relative to your competitors. Going bayonet to bayonet with Fox on their home ground is suicidal.

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