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Comment: Re:The need for money outweighs the need for digni (Score 1) 289

by edesjardins (#20019283) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy to Play Spock in Next Star Trek Movie
I'm so disgusted with this trend in Sci-Fi recently. I don't know about you, but I have NO INTEREST IN PREQUELS! I already know the story, and as a fan who has spent years caring about the characters, I want to know what happens next. I think these people who have these franchises are too afraid to go where Battlestar Galactica is going - treating the viewer with respect and dignity while telling a gripping story that dares to actually move towards a natural conclusion. I'm tired of people insisting that we tread water with these franchises, I want to see the fall of the Federation and the rise of the Klingon Empire, I want to see new crews and tense space battles where something more than just the main character's hair gets out of sorts. In short, I want to see a continuation of TNG (preferably starting with that crew as a segue to what's next in the story) where life is not perfect and everything is on the line. Am I alone in this?? NO MORE PREQUELS!!!! MOVE THE STORIES FORWARD!!!!

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