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Comment: Not much is Black and White (Score 3, Insightful) 149

by eddy_crim (#42748783) Attached to: Real-Time Fact Checking With "Truth Teller"
Sound like total rubbish to me. Politicians do lie sometimes and they even occasionaly tell the truth but mostly they bend the truth out of all proportion. If they make a statement its not TRUE or FALSE usually the answer would be "WELL... ITS COMPLICATED.. it depends how you look at it" In the UK we have a radio show dedicated to statistics called More or Less These folks can spend half the show discussing the truth behind a single political statement and then sometimes dont come to a firm conclusion

Comment: music != movies (Score 1) 175

by eddy_crim (#37958992) Attached to: Music Industry Pushing For BT To Block Pirate Bay

If you go to pirate bay and click top 100 you will notice that almost everything in the list are movies.
Now, if you have ever watched a movie to the end you will notice that there is huge long list of people who worked on the movie and most of these people are not movie stars and directors they are regular joes who, as far as i can tell need, probably deserved to get paid.

Now i know that the movie industry and the MPAA arn't exactly whiter than white, however i know who will suffer everyone decided to pirate their movies.

Pirate music and music will probably get made, pirate movies and new movies simply wont get made.

Comment: Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 262

by eddy_crim (#36236688) Attached to: Mozilla Rejects WebP Image Format, Google Adds It

Yeah there is a nice blogpost linked from the bug with a good explanation. I was especially interested in :-

"Flickr compresses their images at libjpeg quality of 96 and Facebook at 85: both quite a bit higher than the recommended 75 for “very good quality”. Neither of them optimize the huffman tables, which gives a lossless 4–7% improvement in size. Further, switching to progressive JPEG gives an even larger improvement of 8–20%."

Comment: Canonical's code contribution (Score 5, Informative) 175

by eddy_crim (#33100254) Attached to: First GNOME Census Results

Canonical's code contribution is irrelevant. What open source has always needed is some polish and some marketing. Thats what canonical provide, they polished and marketed (to an extent) a decent distro. OSS has never been short of decent code and quality software engineering. Canonical are providing a great link in the value chain of linux and as long as the basic prinicipals are upheld im all for it!

Comment: Re:No faith (Score 1) 453

by eddy_crim (#32935928) Attached to: Measuring LAMP Competency?

Sorry but that just plain rubbish I have a bunch of IBM certs because IBM make us take them to keep our partner status. Ive seen sheets of answers being passed round so people can memorise them, pass the cert and carry on doing something useful. The only certs i would pay any attention to are ones with a written component such as SCEA (Sun (oracle now?) Certified Enterprise Architecht). Even then its probably pretty easy to rip off the written component from somewhere.

IT industry certs are a joke. Basicly what happens is:-

1) Guy pays off certification center in india works through the exam a few times untill hes seen all the questions in the random pool
2) get answers to all the questions (do a shitty job)
3) Sell answers on or some dodgy site as a "guide"
4) profit

Comment: Re:Streaming HD video (Score 1) 376

by eddy_crim (#32049884) Attached to: <em>Avatar</em> Blu-Ray DRM Issues

nah, they cant show me the movie without really [i]showing[/i] me the movie so the data is decrypted somewhere and the pixels in my tv are told what colour to go someone is always going to be able to grab the stream and make a good ol' file our of it. once that file is on bittorent all the effort you describe will be for nowt, in fact if bandwidth realy is cheap you wont even have to download it form a BT site you can get it from some kinda pirate 1080p streaming site

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