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Comment: Re:Microsoft is not an OpenID Relying Party (Score 1) 142

by edavid (#25556691) Attached to: Microsoft Joins the OpenID Foundation
I do NOT want to be dependant on an identity provider be it open or not. For me OpenID is just another tracking device, and what I fear is sites mandating its use. If you want to control your online identity, refuse the use of email addresses as login or whateverID system, it is the only way.

+ - Chaos Communication Camp 2007 starting august 8th->

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VinciB writes: "The 2007 Chaos Communication Camp will take place from August 8th till August 12th at Finowfurt, near Berlin, Germany.
This international hacker community meeting will see many hackers from all over the world coming to exchange ideas, stuff, tricks & tips, and of course challenge eachothers. It's not too late to take a plane to Berlin, geeks & nerds from /. are welcome. A fahrplan (Schedule) of all conferences is available on the event wiki. Hope this camp will be as successfull as the previous one (CC2003).
See you there geeks."

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