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Comment: Don't give it to them (Score 1) 505

by ed314159 (#29064979) Attached to: How To Stop Businesses Storing SSNs Indefinitely?
I realize that this is of no help now, but this could have been avoided by simply not giving your SSN to people and companies that don't need it. I have found that when someone asks for my SSN, I can simply say that they can't have it with only minimal problems. Sometimes it means that I have to pay some sort of deposit because they can't do a credit check, but that is certainly worth my piece of mind.

Comment: Re:You can shoot people, son, but don't blog! (Score 1) 202

by ed314159 (#28959301) Attached to: US Marine Corps Bans Social Networking Sites
I was in the Marine Corps until about a year and a half ago. The network that the article talks about is the official network that military computers are connected to. (Classified stuff is on a totally separate system.) My personal machine was in my barracks room connected to the local cable broadband service. It's no different than the connection you get anywhere else.

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