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Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 1) 285

"In the event an asteroid stirkes the earth (highly unlikely) "

It's not only likely, it's a certainty, especially on a geological timescale.

The comet that passed us this past Halloween was only discovered weeks before. It was several times larger than the one that caused the Tunguska event, which is considered the largest impact in history. Let that one sink in.

For some more sobering check out the following, watch the following.

Joe Rogan Podcast with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock on asteroid impacts and mass extinctions

Of course there's always supervolcanoes and such to worry about like Yellowstone.

Comment Market Cap to GDP: The Buffett Valuation Indicator (Score 3, Interesting) 335

"it is probably the best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment." - Warren Buffett


Both Buffett Indicator And Shiller P/E Continue To Imply Long Term Negative Market Returns; 2015 Market Valuation

Yes, the market is looking a bit frothy. Locally here in NYC, assets such as real estate are looking pretty high...

Comment Re: records go back to 1880, very funny (Score 1) 547

Can you cite where these records are that will show how grassy fields that have become urbanized with concrete and asphalt affect temperature readings over a 200 year period?

Interesting podcast with Joe Rogan discussing this topic with Randall Carlson. Sounds a lot like winter is coming Game of Thrones style!

Comment Re: No one will ever buy a GM product again (Score 4, Insightful) 307

I forgot to mention that the only true solution is a kill switch like they have on motorcycles that is not controlled by firmware. In fact in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course I took, they teach you to only turn off the bike using the switch so that it becomes second nature should you ever end up in an emergency.

Comment Re: No one will ever buy a GM product again (Score 1) 307

Increasingly, newer cars do not come with gear shifts. For instance our Mercedes S550 only has a control stalk to change gears. It's no different than pushing a button. If there were a similar firmware problem, there is nothing you could do in the car. Even the ignition is keyless.

What you think is obvious is actually useless. And too many smug people don't even realize that.


SpaceX Landing Video Cleanup Making Progress 54

Maddog Batty (112434) writes 'The fine people at the NASA Space Flight Forum are making good progress on restoring the corrupted landing video reported earlier. It worth looking at the original video to see how bad it was and then at the latest restored video. It is now possible to see the legs being deployed, the sea coming closer and a big flame ball as the rocket plume hits the water. An impressive improvement so far and it is still being actively worked on so further refinements are likely.' Like Maddog Batty, I'd suggest watching the restored version first (note: the video is lower on the page), to see just what a big improvement's been made so far.

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