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Comment: Re: records go back to 1880, very funny (Score 1) 547

by ed1park (#47304379) Attached to: NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

Can you cite where these records are that will show how grassy fields that have become urbanized with concrete and asphalt affect temperature readings over a 200 year period?

Interesting podcast with Joe Rogan discussing this topic with Randall Carlson. Sounds a lot like winter is coming Game of Thrones style!


Comment: Re: No one will ever buy a GM product again (Score 4, Insightful) 307

by ed1park (#47184481) Attached to: GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

I forgot to mention that the only true solution is a kill switch like they have on motorcycles that is not controlled by firmware. In fact in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course I took, they teach you to only turn off the bike using the switch so that it becomes second nature should you ever end up in an emergency.

Comment: Re: No one will ever buy a GM product again (Score 1) 307

by ed1park (#47184467) Attached to: GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

Increasingly, newer cars do not come with gear shifts. For instance our Mercedes S550 only has a control stalk to change gears. It's no different than pushing a button. If there were a similar firmware problem, there is nothing you could do in the car. Even the ignition is keyless.

What you think is obvious is actually useless. And too many smug people don't even realize that.

Comment: Re:Simple: So people will buy them. (Score 1) 482

by ed1park (#46896863) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

It's not as bad as you think. I spent about $100 to $110 a month with ATT before switching to Ting. (heard about it via Joe Rogan podcast)

Bought a new Sprint Iphone 5 for $500 hundred dollars from eBay.
Sprint SIM card from Best Buy for $20. (got another one free from a Sprint store after telling them I was picking one up for my friend with Sprint service.)
Switched service over to Ting. Now my bill is like $50. NO CONTRACT and you only get billed for what you use! I would have saved $400 alone last year for 4 months because I was travelling abroad.

Save $25 with this referral (and it gets me $25 for hooking you up with an awesome service!)

Switching from ATT to Ting

Comment: Re:Challenger and Fukushima (Score 1) 183

by ed1park (#46811345) Attached to: The Design Flaw That Almost Wiped Out an NYC Skyscraper

Bullshit. They will get built, and they will work properly. You do things differently when your ass on the line.

The US no longer has manned spacecraft, etc. because of the Challenger disaster. How many billions was lost? How much confidence was lost? All because they went ahead with the launch to save time and money against the warnings from the engineer who said it would fail. And Boisjoley was blacklisted and destroyed for it.

Let people run things without accountability and cut corners for profit and you will always end up with a Citicorp, Fukushima, Gulf Spill, Challenger, etc. And in the long term, we will be worse off. Especially with nuclear disasters that will ruin large areas for generations to come.

Don't panic.