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Comment: And you aren't going to find anyone either Sherlok (Score 1) 401

by eclectro (#47397573) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

I've been trying to hire developers for multiple high-compensation positions in NYC

At an average wage of $70K for a STEM candidate (or are you offering less?), it will be impossible to find someone for your position - even an H1B candidate. Because apartments are starting at $2500/month for barely a closet space (if you can find one) in NYC. And most people want better than that. Even the people you want to drag in from overseas will need to find a place to live

You don't have a STEM problem, you have a housing problem.

Comment: Re:Irresponsible parents are part of the problem h (Score 1) 136

by eclectro (#47389805) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

I don't want a nanny state. Stop forcing it on me

We need to have the "nanny state" for those adult programmers who can't tell right from wrong and engineer there games in a deceptive and unfair way.

Sorry that it might interrupt your revenue stream, but the the games really should have a twenty for hour "refund" window, where there is an unconditional refund given to in-app purchases.

Comment: Re:The Amazon AppStore Auto-consent (Score 4, Insightful) 136

by eclectro (#47389741) Attached to: Amazon Fighting FTC Over In-App Purchases Fine

They know about it. It isn't a bug, it is a feature that enables profits.

The games are purposefully engineered to be faulty so that you are *required* to make an in app purchase. And with the 'one click' nature of the in app purchases, it is easy for the game to make a purchase for you - either by mistake or by design!

Comment: Not really (Score 2) 124

This is a nice sentiment from someone in the industry. However this particularly engineer will have no control over how the technology develops generally. Bean counters will always want to replace the human to save costs and generate a better profit. As such, middle class jobs have been and will continue to evaporate.

Comment: The big elephant in the room (Score 4, Interesting) 593

Sorry for being cynical, but they may be trying to take the eyes off an even worse number.

The major thing they left out of their diversity statistics is how many people are over the age of 40. It's pretty clear that ageism is pervasive in the tech sector - and the internet. Last time I mentioned this, there was a serious sneer response to my post saying that "old people" (i.e. people over 40) should be discriminated against, "because they have issues."

There you have it slashdot. You had better be looking over your shoulder! You aren't getting any younger!

Comment: Actually there is a name for this behavior (Score 5, Insightful) 114

by eclectro (#47116705) Attached to: Comcast-Time Warner Deal May Hinge On Low-Cost Internet Plan

It's called empty promises. The primary purpose of this merger is not nor will it ever be to take care of the poor. It merely serves to unhook the approval process that would create an internet oligarchy.

Cheap internet for anybody is the last thing that these guys want.

You don't have to know how the computer works, just how to work the computer.