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Comment: Re:99.99%, eh? (Score 1) 594

by echnaton192 (#47902039) Attached to: High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

So what the US citizens here are saying is this:

Everyday 7000 Firearms are shown or used in self defence. This means that every citizen will use its firearm every 122 years. In this one case the fingerprintreader with an accuracy of 99.99 per cent will fail. Such a device should never exist!

If I were an responsible US gun owner, I would have used that weapon quite regulary to maximise my ability to hit the right person in any situation. By doing so I would look after the battery life at least once a year, which is sufficient I guess for a device that usually does not neeed any power. If the finger print reader would have reliability problems, I would know from my training and from other customers and sue the hell out of the manufacturer, AFTER I bought a stupid gun.

I understand that tigger happy people do not like such a gun in their house. But the arguments here against a smart gun as an option are astroturfed. You know if a device is reliable from your own experience and from others. The only thing to decide is if one prefers the danger of children or other persons misusing the weapon to the danger of the device stopped working just the one time it is needed in statistically 122 years.

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by echnaton192 (#47150845) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Wrong. The 32bit-part did not prevent any Software to take down the whole OS. The NT line however did that, because they were completely 32 bit. Win9x had only parts that were in 32 bit. And those were no parts that improved stability. Win9x was more unstable than Windows 3.x. And NT 4 or w2k beat the shit out of win9x or me every time of the day. Pirating these versions over paid 9x versions was self defense.

Comment: Re:8.1 !=Start Menu.. Why Win8 was doomed... (Score 1) 516

by echnaton192 (#47150787) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

yes. Because windows nt4 or w2k would only crash the app, not the whole OS, like Windows 9x or Windows Me did. To me, the list goes like:

win 3.1 - OK
win9x - crap. Bad crap that would crash the system judt because of a random game. The NT line did not do that. Normally it would only crash the game, the rest was working fine. Even the game, when you started it again.a
win NT 4 - major improvement
win me - shittiest crap ever, the mother of all shitty Windows OS. Boy, was that bad. Even worse than 9.x and this one was so bad it did not make it through the presentation before bluescreening.
win2k - loved it
win xp - unusable until SP 3, but OK, as it was possible to turn off that ugly GUI back to 2k
vista - quite nice on a decent setup except for the UAC, on dated or cheap hardware pretty annoying
windows 7 - loved it, still do
Windows 8.0 is as bad as Windows 9x was. A major step down from what was accomplished. Simply annoying for desktop users. Windows 8.1 is just getting there, but it is still crap without a touchscreen.

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by echnaton192 (#47150653) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

You nailed it. I was saying something similar to collegues, but you made the point far clearer than I had. That is the thing that annoyed me the most.

The lack of discoverability. The rest - includig the extra clicks neccessary just to do a real shutdown - were annoying, but the lack of a place were everything could be done SOMEHOW made me scream. I had to use skills just to get basic jobs done. Things that I found out years ago in a few minutes not took a very damn long time.

Thanks again for clearing my thoughts about the major issue.

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by echnaton192 (#47150583) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Don't give up! Google! I can only point you to German guides, but I am shure that there are guides in english as well. In order to install Windows 8.1 over 8.0 on my gf laptop, I had to download the iso from the windows app store, burn it and do a complete install.

It is possible, it is legal, it is just annoyingly diificult and awkward to get it done. German version here, you may succeed if you use google translate or you may find the description in english elsewhere:

And if you do succeed - please feel obliged to share it here. Windows 8.0 is an ungly mess, Windows 8.1 is slightly better, so people should know how to do it, if oss is no solution.

+ - The US forces do have a plan against the Zombie Apocalypse->

Submitted by echnaton192
echnaton192 (1118591) writes "That is a relief. The US forces actually do have a plan against the Zombie Apocalypse. This plan includes different Zombie types like Symbiant Induced Zombies like those in Half Life, Evil Magic Zombies — atheists may be more vulnerable than firm believers — and Chicken Zombies.

In the article you will find a link to the full not classified document.

We can all feel much safer now. But as The Combine destroyed the earth forces in seven hours, this plan might be doomed from the start."

Link to Original Source

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by echnaton192 (#46253933) Attached to: S. Korea Diverts Network From Huawei Networks

The link from the other guy was not in a reply to your outrageous lies, so here it goes:

Living in a surveillance state like china or the US is one thing. Denying it and accusing only the other country of being a fascistic surveillance state is ridiculous.

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Yes. And there is one major point: Hiding backdoors like the ones implemented in the consoles and Windows is not as easy on linux. After NSA, even though I am gamer, there is no way in hell that I'll be running a closed source OS on my machines in a year or so except for dual boot from time to time. Starting steam could unmount the drives with my data on linux, the reast is more or less open, so a backdoor is harder to hide.

To me, that counts. A closed source device that listens to every word spoken in my room and looks for the number of people and what they are doing? You got to be kidding me. I do not care why Gabe does it. I want it. On my own machine, built by myself. Able to play current games (half life 3! Now!) and do serious stuff on a platform I could trust considerable more than any NSA-infested closed source system?

This is a nobrainer.

Comment: Re:What's the difference? (Score 1) 296

From what I've read, you can install any software you want on the SteamBox, or even run the OS on your own hardware. It's not the same model as consoles, iOS, or what Microsoft is heading for. It's the same model as Linux, Android, and what traditional Windows is.

I agree. Plus: As it is Linux, it is pretty damn hard to ship it with backdoors nobody finds. To me, the main reason for still using windows are games. If current games come to Linux, dual boot becomes an option. Working and most games on steam OS, a virtual box for some applications and dual boot as a fallback for some games.

I don't know about you, but after we know (!) that MS really builds backdoors into its products, I will swith. Gamer or not.

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You have no fucking idea how true crypts hidden operating system and "plausible deniability" work, do you? The free space, when booting the decoy system, ist the whole free space, including the space of the real operating system. So you have a secret limit of data you could store in the decoy system.

This space is defined at the beginning of the encryption process. It is only possible to delete all data be exceeding the data limit on the decoy or overwriting the free space by zeros. But there is no evidence that you have a second OS with hidden files.

It's called 'plausible deniability' for a reason.

Comment: Re:TrueCrypt (Score 1) 462

this. Use the whole system encryption and carefully use the plausible deniability feature to dual boot. The decoy system must be reasonable. Add some files, especially if you need them on your trip, browse the web, do searches for holidays in the US and add some porn. Seriously: You are suspicious if you're male and there is no porn on the private laptop. Combine algorithms when doing the whole system encryption, just in case.

So. At the border, give them the password for the decoy system. It should be reanonable complex password. If they take away the laptop for one minute, consider it to be compromised. Do not use it anymore or only use the decoy while being aware that your activity is closely monitored. Do not get your into your more private emailaccount abroad, only use the garbage account provided by an american company. Do not login to anything remotely security related, just as you would on a public terminal.

Or you do a clean install and take a HDD with your backup in a hidden container on the hdd.

Oh. And your iPhone or Android MUST be factory reset before entering the US border. Once they have physical access to it, they can extract the information, including important password stored on the phone. The backup could be on your laptop, the cloud is obviously not an option for a backup.

In most cases, nothing will happen. But be aware that you are entering a police state that is only a few years ahead of europe. So you came prepared.

To the FUD-spreaders in this thread: Snowden himself trusts true crypt enough to use it. Some enryption is compromised, but not all. If you combine different algorithms, chances are high that the decryption might take enough time for a mortal being to have it decrypted when it doesn't matter anymore.

Spreading FUD leaves Joe Average, who might get the whole system encryption installed with some help with nothing he can do. And that is not the case.

Yes, the tin foil hats were right. But even if everything is pretty much fucked, all is not lost. Personally, I prefer fighting back instead of doing nothing because the others have already won. Because they haven't - quite yet.

If you are a target, you're screwed. That is true. But at least the peeking into your whole privacy at a random custom search like this is deflectable.

After returning from the US, either throw away the compromised laptop if the laptop was taken away even for a short time or flash the BIOS, repartition the HDD, reinstall the operating system and hope for the best (that the bug was only planted in the BIOS and the mbr, not in other firmwares and that the bug in the BIOS was overwritten by the flashing).

If the laptop was not seized, simply decrypt the right system and repeat the steps above with a more perfomant combination of algorithms. Of course, all these steps are moot if you are a target.

BTW: Consider all closed source operating systems to be compromised big time. Only a few people need windows as the first operating system anymore. Most people will be fine with a restricted virtual machine within a Open Source OS.

Gamers could do a dual boot to play and reboot for work and browsing, but that is very inconvinient. At least until newer games are brought to linux by steam. And here is the problem of the closed source steamclient and the closed source driver for the graphic card, but my guess is that strange behaviour would be easier to find by the community on linux than on windows, so the attack vector is still smaller.

But still, if you are a target, you are screwed. The russian secret service has ordered hundreds of type writers recently for a reason.

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