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Comment: Re: So that means it's free to everyone (Score 1) 281 281


For instance, MS bought the company that was about to make the best looking game at the time for the PC and made it xbox-exclusive for years. And they did a lot of "xbox-exclusives", that would have run better on their own OS than it would ever on the xbox. An OS people paid for. And considering "pro" and "ultimate" it wasn't that small of an amount.

The the diversification of the installed directx-versions by making the newest directx exclusive to their newest OS was stupid and destructive for the pc as a gaming machine as well. In order to lure some hard core pc gamers to buy their newest OS (we are not that many) they degraded the experience for anybody else. This made the technical game support even more to a nightmare than it was before, when every Windows still supported would get the newest directx.

Oh yes, the xbox-controller is available for windows. But the driver does not even support the f...cking power off button. Switching between wasd and the controller? Go to the menu of the game and switch the controller off or don't be annoyed by the force feedback-vibrations on your desk or take the battery out.

Yes, the decline in pcgames was partly because people don't want to deal with all the hassle before a game starts on a pc. And many are fine with a tablet for browsing the internet, so the pc basis was reduced. But MS did anything it could to make pc games even more frustrating. For short term profits.

But MS is not apple, they mainly sell Software. So I understand that they limit windows 10 to already paying customers or registered beta testers instead of the whole world.

Comment: Re: So that means it's free to everyone (Score 2) 281 281

I would vote you up if I had modpoints today.

The upgrades from the full systems pop up whether the useraccount is linked to the microsoft account or if you simply created a user on Windows 7.

And yes, if someone signs up specifically for a beta program were every click is analyzed and any feedback linked to an account I think it is OK to get the free copy connected to that account. Because this copy is free (as in beer, but not as in speech).

It does not upgrade a bought copy. The alternative would be that every installation of the beta gets a free copy, even if the user did not participate in the beta program.

I hated MS for diversifying the directx-bases because every new directx was only available if the user bought the newest windows. They nearly destroyed the pc as a gaming machine in order to push their xbox. They were evil in general and their monopolistic behaviour was illegal. They tried to kill Linux by FUD.

The free copy is the right thing to do to atone for the abomination that was windows 8 or even 8.1 (two different userinterfaces for account settings, nuff said). And a free copy for every one who beta tested seems fair. Even non genuine windows installs get the upgrade, but there will be nagging.

Comment: Re:Very nice $hill. (Score 0) 228 228

As to the American control complex... it is because we are responsible for global peace. Your country isn't.

We are a super power. We have responsibilities. If we drop the ball, billions might die. We have more responsibility every day then your culture has probably had in the last thousand years combined.

You REALLY are that stupid, eh?

You are responsible for the whole mess that is causing all the trouble now.

1. You disposed of the elected laicistic Iranian president and installed the Shah. Consequence of his brutality, your country condoned: Khomeni and the problems caused.
2. You made Saddam start a war with Iran. And your country knew of the gassings of innocent people. And you gave him weapons.
3. In order to get rid of the USSR in Afghanistan, you supported the Taliban. Consequence: 9-11.
4. Because of 9-11, you invaded Afghanistan. But before you finished the Job, you invaded Ira with no plan what so ever hat will become of this country when you left. With made up WMD. And lies about babies ripped out of their incubators.

And you even had the chuzpa to call french fries "freedom fries" because the french and the german government called out your bullshit. Consequences after you pulled out prematurely: Instable Irak and instable Afghanistan.

5. You supported even the crazies in order to get rid of Assad. And now you have the crazies invading Irak and Syria.

What about Vietnam? Burning women and children in order to free them from communism. I am shure they felt free while being burned alive.

You made a mess out of the whole world. You alone are responsible.

Until WW 2, your records are quite clean. The records of my country weren't. I am German. I am thankful for the allies that forced us into democracy. I really am.

But from that time on, except for the fact that you kept the USSR in europe at bay, you made every mistake possible. You made your own foes and built up your own nightmares. And the Ukraine? The NATO promised Russia it would not come nearer to russian soil. And did exactly that. And when Putin stopped you right before you could assimilate the haven were they keep their marine, you cried foul. And started another civil war.

The list goes on and on and on. Thank you for protecting us from the USSR and for getting rid of the Nazis. But you are NOT beneficial to this world any longer. You are a menace. So stop being so full of yourself. The IS is your problem. And you expect Turks to solve the problems you have caused. This is not a reasonable position.

The correct procedure to dispose of the IS would be to get a UN mandate. You did'nt even bother. Russia does not trust you, because you already overstepped the UN Mandate in Irak. Who could trust a liar?

You have the chief of the NSA lie to congress without any consequences.

Start looking around. The hatred against america has its reasons. Ignoring them like you do is a dangerous thing.

Comment: Re:They really need to pardon Snowden... (Score 1) 228 228

Yes. Sadly, this is true. Our secret services traded intelligence for US intelligence and collaborated in the mass surveillance on my country. I can only hope they did not collaborate in the manipulation of our infrastructure.

But your original lie was that my government spies on the US. And that is simply that: A lie to deflect the fact that the USA are overstepping every bound. And that is not OK.

Comment: Re:our american friends (Score 1) 228 228

They know how to pass crypto that is just good enough for German use but is open to the US and UK as used and is kept degraded over decades.

Crypto at an international and US domestic level seems to be favoured front companies, tame staff, turned staff or have staff trained to a mid or top level over years.

It is difficult to compromise open source crypto. True Crypt works. PGP works. Snowdens leaks show us exactly that. Being angry is one thing. Freaking out or not using crypto is not the way to deal with the leaks. Even iMessage is safe. Or red phone. Or Signal. There are many options. If people simply use crypto mass surveillance would at least be more difficult.

For example you could sign up to an voip-provider with nomadic use like easybell and use linphone with zrtp for everyday calls with friends. And for more secret conversations, use redphone / signals.

Getting more paranoid than the Snowden leaks suggest does not help. One time pads are not usable on a daily basis. Not using encryption even though Snowdens leaks suggest that it works makes it easier and cheaper to spy on us.

Comment: Re:Plus the Officers (Score 1) 228 228

You Sir are insane. Stop posting as "Anonymous Coward" and come forward with your real ID. I risked some Karma to tell " Karmashock" that he is an uninformed idiot and why.

You are proposing that Germany should "rise up" again and spread fear on the american and russian people. This opinion is a neclectable minority in Germany, and rightfully so.

You learned nothing from our history. EOT.

Comment: Re:Kleiner Tipp (Score 1) 228 228

There are no "occupants" any more since the 2+4 treaty. The NATO covered our ass for the last 60 years and the allies brought us the little freedom we had since WW 2.

Beyond doubt they are taking away this freedom and try to implement an orwellian surveillance state of unbelievable proportions, just like they did in the US und GB. And yes, the problems in Irak, Iran und Syria are direct results of american interventions.

But "getting rid of them" is no realistic option. The German reunion was granted only if Germany stays in the NATO. Whether we like that or not.

But being allies does not mean that we could not demand the end of this surveillance or threaten them to leave the NATO. But neither Merkel nor Steinmeier will do that. You might not have noticed, but they are collaborators. And concerning our freedom and privacy, they are collaborating with enemies of our constitutional rights. But in order to stop that, there needs to be a change in government first.

It will take time for an election that does not result in "Social Demokrats" (neither social nor democrats) or "Christian Demokrats" (not being democrats) in the government.

First things first. As long as the traitors that collaborate with the five eyes against our constitutional rights are in the government, there won't be a chance to convince the members of the five eyes that we are serious about the demands to stop spying on each and every German citizen.

Comment: Re:our american friends (Score 2) 228 228

Spying on the Government is one thing. But this is mass surveillance. Every system in our countries might be compromised. Every router might be sending the information to the NSA. How to flash a fritzbox so that everyting is deleted? How could this be done with a mandatory router from the ISP?

The Chilling Effect is the problem here. Every second of every day is recorded and our Government conspires with the NSA to get the job (mass surveillance) done.

Spying on our Government is bad enough, but it does not effect NGOs, citizens and the the freedom of the press or the privcacy of 80 million people.

But these leak prove that there is no limit to our "allies" - and to our lapdog government. Mister Steinmeier is a Collaborator. And the US seem to be the enemy he is collaborating with.

Comment: Re:They really need to pardon Snowden... (Score 1) 228 228

If it bordered war then we've all been guilty for it for as long as we've been allies.

It doesn't. You just weren't aware of it. Countries spy on each other all the time.

Repeating that lie does not make it true. The German Government declared the US off limits. They accidently taped Ms. Clinton while she flew across fucking Afghanistan. They did not delete her conversations immediately and YOUR government used that as an example that Germany spied on the US too. Look it up for fuck's sake.

You think that Mass Surveillance on this level is OK?

F..k you! F..k you! F..k you!

Our human rights include privacy too. And we are no second class humans just because we happen to be Germans. I am so angry about your uninformed stupidity and I have some karma to spend on you, you uninformed, stupid, a...ole.

Comment: Re:99.99%, eh? (Score 1) 600 600

So what the US citizens here are saying is this:

Everyday 7000 Firearms are shown or used in self defence. This means that every citizen will use its firearm every 122 years. In this one case the fingerprintreader with an accuracy of 99.99 per cent will fail. Such a device should never exist!

If I were an responsible US gun owner, I would have used that weapon quite regulary to maximise my ability to hit the right person in any situation. By doing so I would look after the battery life at least once a year, which is sufficient I guess for a device that usually does not neeed any power. If the finger print reader would have reliability problems, I would know from my training and from other customers and sue the hell out of the manufacturer, AFTER I bought a stupid gun.

I understand that tigger happy people do not like such a gun in their house. But the arguments here against a smart gun as an option are astroturfed. You know if a device is reliable from your own experience and from others. The only thing to decide is if one prefers the danger of children or other persons misusing the weapon to the danger of the device stopped working just the one time it is needed in statistically 122 years.

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