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The link from the other guy was not in a reply to your outrageous lies, so here it goes:

Living in a surveillance state like china or the US is one thing. Denying it and accusing only the other country of being a fascistic surveillance state is ridiculous.

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Yes. And there is one major point: Hiding backdoors like the ones implemented in the consoles and Windows is not as easy on linux. After NSA, even though I am gamer, there is no way in hell that I'll be running a closed source OS on my machines in a year or so except for dual boot from time to time. Starting steam could unmount the drives with my data on linux, the reast is more or less open, so a backdoor is harder to hide.

To me, that counts. A closed source device that listens to every word spoken in my room and looks for the number of people and what they are doing? You got to be kidding me. I do not care why Gabe does it. I want it. On my own machine, built by myself. Able to play current games (half life 3! Now!) and do serious stuff on a platform I could trust considerable more than any NSA-infested closed source system?

This is a nobrainer.

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From what I've read, you can install any software you want on the SteamBox, or even run the OS on your own hardware. It's not the same model as consoles, iOS, or what Microsoft is heading for. It's the same model as Linux, Android, and what traditional Windows is.

I agree. Plus: As it is Linux, it is pretty damn hard to ship it with backdoors nobody finds. To me, the main reason for still using windows are games. If current games come to Linux, dual boot becomes an option. Working and most games on steam OS, a virtual box for some applications and dual boot as a fallback for some games.

I don't know about you, but after we know (!) that MS really builds backdoors into its products, I will swith. Gamer or not.

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You have no fucking idea how true crypts hidden operating system and "plausible deniability" work, do you? The free space, when booting the decoy system, ist the whole free space, including the space of the real operating system. So you have a secret limit of data you could store in the decoy system.

This space is defined at the beginning of the encryption process. It is only possible to delete all data be exceeding the data limit on the decoy or overwriting the free space by zeros. But there is no evidence that you have a second OS with hidden files.

It's called 'plausible deniability' for a reason.

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this. Use the whole system encryption and carefully use the plausible deniability feature to dual boot. The decoy system must be reasonable. Add some files, especially if you need them on your trip, browse the web, do searches for holidays in the US and add some porn. Seriously: You are suspicious if you're male and there is no porn on the private laptop. Combine algorithms when doing the whole system encryption, just in case.

So. At the border, give them the password for the decoy system. It should be reanonable complex password. If they take away the laptop for one minute, consider it to be compromised. Do not use it anymore or only use the decoy while being aware that your activity is closely monitored. Do not get your into your more private emailaccount abroad, only use the garbage account provided by an american company. Do not login to anything remotely security related, just as you would on a public terminal.

Or you do a clean install and take a HDD with your backup in a hidden container on the hdd.

Oh. And your iPhone or Android MUST be factory reset before entering the US border. Once they have physical access to it, they can extract the information, including important password stored on the phone. The backup could be on your laptop, the cloud is obviously not an option for a backup.

In most cases, nothing will happen. But be aware that you are entering a police state that is only a few years ahead of europe. So you came prepared.

To the FUD-spreaders in this thread: Snowden himself trusts true crypt enough to use it. Some enryption is compromised, but not all. If you combine different algorithms, chances are high that the decryption might take enough time for a mortal being to have it decrypted when it doesn't matter anymore.

Spreading FUD leaves Joe Average, who might get the whole system encryption installed with some help with nothing he can do. And that is not the case.

Yes, the tin foil hats were right. But even if everything is pretty much fucked, all is not lost. Personally, I prefer fighting back instead of doing nothing because the others have already won. Because they haven't - quite yet.

If you are a target, you're screwed. That is true. But at least the peeking into your whole privacy at a random custom search like this is deflectable.

After returning from the US, either throw away the compromised laptop if the laptop was taken away even for a short time or flash the BIOS, repartition the HDD, reinstall the operating system and hope for the best (that the bug was only planted in the BIOS and the mbr, not in other firmwares and that the bug in the BIOS was overwritten by the flashing).

If the laptop was not seized, simply decrypt the right system and repeat the steps above with a more perfomant combination of algorithms. Of course, all these steps are moot if you are a target.

BTW: Consider all closed source operating systems to be compromised big time. Only a few people need windows as the first operating system anymore. Most people will be fine with a restricted virtual machine within a Open Source OS.

Gamers could do a dual boot to play and reboot for work and browsing, but that is very inconvinient. At least until newer games are brought to linux by steam. And here is the problem of the closed source steamclient and the closed source driver for the graphic card, but my guess is that strange behaviour would be easier to find by the community on linux than on windows, so the attack vector is still smaller.

But still, if you are a target, you are screwed. The russian secret service has ordered hundreds of type writers recently for a reason.

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by echnaton192 (#45570969) Attached to: A Review of the "Mental Illness" Definition Might Prevent Crime Nuff said. "Think about the children!!!" justifies anything.

Like preventing adults from viewing porn without having to register as a pervert by british authorities first. And of course now they extend these laws to any inconvenient webcontent whatsoever. The Guardian left its domain because of the pressure of the fascist government reigning in the UK.

But all is well. My government wants to become one of the five eyes to spy on other countries citizens and send the information to the other states that are not allowed to spy on their own people because they have (lesser by every day that goes by, but still) something called "human rights". And vice versa getting all the forbidden fruits of surveillance on my countrymen. Oh wait, we are already doing this and much worse, even without being part of the five eyes.

It is sad. England brought us the freedom of press and human rights after WW II. And now they are the first to throw everything away with the governements of continental Europe trying everything from legal to illegal to keep up with them to ensure that Eurasia is just as bad as Ozeania.

George Orwell was so damn right. He just did not see that people would pay money to get a better bugging device and that even the small time the couple in 1984 had together is impossible because every citizen wears a portable televisor, leaving out no space and time in any privacy. Apple takes your fingerprints and kinect gets your home and everything you say and do covered.

Impressive. George Orwell just hadn't enough imagination for 2014.

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They refused to give the child to other members of her family because they were not related by blood. Interesting point of view. And they did send her back to italy but are giving the child free for adoption in UK. No matter the circumstances, this is not acceptable under no circumstances. They are taking the child out of his culture and are forcing it to live in a fascist surveillance state with no more human rights left whatsoever. It is bad enough as it is in continental europe, but Oceania?

She was there for a training, not to live there. And now she did not only lose her child, she lost it to a state were noone within his right state of mind EVER wants to live unless this person is really, really rich.

There is no possible backgroundstory whatsoever to make it any better.

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I do not think that having mental problems in Great Britain is a good idea:

They've sent her to the hospital, drugged her, cut her baby out of her and gave away the baby of this italian mother for adoption in the UK because even though she is on medication and made a full recovery she might one day have mental problems again. The baby will not even grow up in italy.

Just wow.

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Sigh. Have you red the articles? And understood them? The numbers appeared on some phone bills, not everyones. And as I use posteo, have you understood wjühat the guy from posteo was saying? There is no way a court would allow all mailboxes being searched or to order them to hand over ALL mailbocüxes to get some of them.

Posteo allows for complete anonymous use of their service, paying could be done with a reference number in an envelope. The laws allows to throw away any data if not needed for the billing, so they do that. They can not identify you if you chose the tin foil hat payment method at all.

Posteo offers to encrypt the CalDAV and CardDAV-accounts not only with their system-wide key, but with the users password, so they can not get the data stored there themselves. 32-character, strong password, so good luck with the decryption. And all this opportunity costs for learning that I have nothing much to hide. Making it as hard as I could to get the useless information should be a fun sport for every geek worldwide. Oh, did I mention they replace my IP in emails with theirs and are working an passwordencryption of the IMAP-account as well?

Have you red the ars technica article and understood what the podteo guy was saying? About our CURRENT laws and our CURRENT situation?

Not so much, did you?

We have overboarding surveillance, but your non existing privacy continues to be a wet dream for our executive powers and some polticians. The danger of my data being compromised is smaller by high factors when using posteo or suisse providers compared to the complete transparent and willingly weakened products of american companies. Good citizens like the lavabit-guy or Zimmerman excluded.

There is surveillance is not equal to "we try to get every single bit of everyone eveytime". Data retention may come to my country as well and I fought against it. But what the Constitutional Court left over from the cases in which the data could be used is absolutely incomparable to the complete Orwellian Scheme of your country. And Data retention is in the debate again thanks to Mr. Snowden. The Data Retention and access to the Data was attempted to be nearly unrestricted. But the constitutional court did not let it stand. I still hate everyone that promotes data retention after two dictatures in the last 100 years. But the checks and balances actually worked as far as the original law is null and void.

Inform yourself. I have no problems with tapped mailboxes if there is some evidence for extremely serious crimes, like the posteo guy was suggesting. Data retention on the other hand is bad. But as stated by our constitutional court, it can not be as bad as it is in your country.

So stop spreading FUD, it is bad enough here as it is already. Thank you very much.

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This is known to me. When I found out that the password for was stored on a french server by an app to give me push notifications for posteo on iOS, I deleted the app and replaced my 32 character password which encrypts CardDAV and CalDAV immediately.

That was a pain in the ass and costed me hours. All britain and french providers must be considered compromised, their intelligence agencies are completely out of control. Both spy on us big time (wiretaping merkel herself might be a bit to stark, but yes, they spy) but have you heard of any service provider in those countries that would lure foreigners into using them? I didn't.

Google, iOS (in the beginning, while the other smart phones were laughable at best), iCloud and gmail are cool, that made us use them in the first place. We actually bought the equipment to spy on us ourselves and felt cool because we owned them. Even George Orwell did not see that coming...

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You should get out of your country from time to time. Not trying, because that would be against our interest and the poltical will to be an accepted menber of the international community. The persons responsible for such an attempt would piss their pants if it ever came to light. No pension, no longer being a bureaucrat, no longer being paid more than the average citizen.

Our lame inelligence services trying a stunt like that? No fucking way.

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The point you are all missing is that our intelligence service actually does not do that on allies. They have turned a blind eye to US activities in Germany and profited from the results, but try to understand that such spying activity you implicitly accuse German intelligence services is absolutely unthinkable.

That is not naivity from a German citizen, it is a complete misunderstanding about how my country ticks. We have a disgusting Government, just as you do. We have too uncontrolled intelligence agencies. We have some poverty.

But it is not comparable to your country. Our governments tried to be accepted back into the international community by behaving... better... than ever before since WW II. Another war is one of the greatest fears in my country. Kosovo was one thing, because it reminded people of our past. But even for Afghanistan, the chancellor had to threat the bundestag to resign if they did not vote for "unrestricted solidarity" with america. Not because the majority forgot what America has done for us, but because the fear of war has been implemented in the german conscious.

This is a really narrow description and there may be some Germans here describing other or contrary views, and they are valid. But this is not my mothers tongue, so I'll have to simplify a lot.

My point is: You really misunderstood the Germans if you accuse us of spying on our best allies. One does not do that as a good ally, so it would have been conpletely out of the question. No BND buerocrat or MAD soldier would dare to do that, because there would be some serious consequences like losing the job or at least let their career come to a full stop.

I know this sounds crazy to you, but even though I am a strong opponent to every party currently in the Bundestag, you should really try to understand the world better. The outrage is funded, but of course I disagree with the government about the real scandal.

The real scandal fo my government lies in the complete ignorance of "Mutti" when the information about mass surveillance on us all leaked (which is forbidden for our agencies, so they let yours do the job but did not publicly aknowledged the scale ogüf the programs, maybe even actuelly underestimated them). Mutti is outraged because she was spied upon. She did not even raise a finger against the mass surveillance on every German citizen.

My government is bad. But to campare their doings to the atrocities your governemnt did in recent years is unfounded. You still have the nobel prize in the western world for behaving like complete assholes. No, not every country is doing those things. Most of our intelligence agencies are boring beyond belief. And stupid. And blind on the right eye so they let the nazis kill "non-aryans" again, which is a scandal even if the numbers of our nazis today are comparable to other countries.

But mass-surveillance? On a smaller scale and I am talking about per cent, not absolute numbers. And spying on an american embassy or wiretaping members of the american government? You got to be kidding me. You really have no clue. UNTHINKABLE.

Again: This is no full scale political analysis of our politics, it is a very simple description on what is happening here.

And if I were you I would ask myself if it is in the best interest of my country to piss off every ally in the world and at the same time forcing us to boycott american service providers. Do you think I am the only one that is doing the shift away from every cloud remotely american and from any closed source product stemming from american companies? The suisse and SOME German providers are trustworthy. All american dataproducts must be considered to be compromised.

Defend the NSA activities all day long. You are entitled to. But honestly: Do you see me using Windows outside of a very strictly secured vm on a linux machine a year from now? Gaming kept me on windows, but the security risks exposed are too big. I might trust steam on a linux machine enough to let it run while I am playing, because I could control which files its process can access. I could even enrypt those files or unmount the data drive alltogether while playing. But trusting windows enough even when I avoided viruses since one word macro stemming from CompuServe? No way.

Your country is unneccesarily making enemies by the minute. No, there won't be a war about the mass surveillance. But as I do not see the US bombing europeans into using compromised products, I do not find it wise to laugh so hard about stupid europeans who are outraged about the scale of your owellian schemes. Me buying a phone with a standard android? Or even another iSpy-product (having iPhone and iPad phoning directly to the NSA for the last few years is bad enough as it is, but the next products shure as hell will not contain another closed source OS or OSS that has not been analysed for problems, accidently placed there by the NSA.

You have a big deficit. Don't you think it would be more wise to treat your customers better instead of spitting them in the face repeatedly and muse about our naivity publicly on /. ? Yes, even most of us geeks did not expect the scale of your schemes. We did know about some spying and even about echolon. But the extend of the surveillance activities proved even some of our sceptical geeks wrong and proved the tin foil hats right. Let this sink in. Let us start to shift our friends and fanilies away from american companies while we are "fixing" there computers when the next virus hits. You know how that goes. Most machines have no problem hosting a windows machine in a vm when absolutely neccessary for some work. Most people do not care about their email providers as long as it collects the mails sent to their old address, slowly shifting to a more trustworthy email- and cloudprovider. is having many new customers.

That is strange. Oh, wait, maybe not.

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now they are not trying to spy on the whole US population. and as a side note, my country explicitly does not spy on the american government, the american people or even american embassys. Yes itcnscGermany and yes, this is true for all that we know.

even your "everybody else is doing it" claim is a lie

"Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago." -- Bernard Berenson