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Comment More agressive recently (Score 1) 105

I installed that app years ago. Registered it, contributed to it. Around 6 months or so, somehow I wasn't registered anymore. Yet they still have my e-mail address. Then they started sending me e-mails. They wanted me to do stuff. Everybody around here is within a cent or two anyhow. So why am I concerned about this? Something changed over there. Think I'll de-install it. Besides, Waze has that stuff too I think.

Comment Not convinced (Score 1) 153

Sure they have something. We don't know what it is. Since it's a fossil we don't know how it happened. Could it be something else happened to land on it after death or was below it before death? We don't know. Show me more with the bone structures in the same place. Then we'll have something. Now it's just a curiosity. Need more proof.

Comment Re: 4 Legged Snake (Score 0) 153

Actually, I view McCain as a war criminal.

It's not nice to leave us hanging like that. Way off topic from the snake, however could you tell us why you think that? I don't recall seeing anything about his war record that would make me think that. While he was a pilot off the the O?

Comment Re:As a former expert (Score 1) 112

Not true. If your production environment is set up correctly, you have a development, test and production setup. Dev and test guys don't get to touch the production stuff. I've been doing that for around 30 years. No problem. Those that don't, problems.

Let's be real here. Most companies don't care about security. For windows most of them will do the updates. For Linux, Solaris, (your favorite brand Unix) - often never. They forgetaboutit. Even then, almost all the time it's the windows box that gets hacked. Companies don't think it's worth the expense to hire good security guys. Often that's all the way down to their lobby.

Comment Re:It is disheartening to see ... (Score 1) 446

Easiest person in the world to fool is yourself. All the things to fool you about moral decay are out there. What's a little fun on your part? The 'ol bat will never know. She hasn't screwed you in a month anyhow. "Nobody gets hurt." Come on... just sign up.

I've actually received some AM e-mail. For the most part - your partner doesn't need to know. Everything is discreet. We won't tell. Come on, have fun! It's safe!

Not me... I'd be the guy they would send to the press to show they have data. Everyone would know about me. That's how I know there really is a God, and he has a sense of humor that way.

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

grrr.... it's "pence" not "cents".

If you're going to go all the effort of converting to GBP, you could have at least got that right, couldn't you?

I'm surprised. So many people in the US call our cents pennies. A lot of people don't even know we don't make pennies.

No worries, at least the UK has had enough sense to not use the euro. Something I don't think has a legal right to even exist since it was never voted in. At least the last I knew even France voted it down.

Comment Gnome contamination (Score 1) 267

What gets me is gnome crap invading KDE. Like evolution and the gnome password thingy. Suddenly it's asking for a password, there is none. So I restore the Default keyring. Works for about a week, then it's corrupted again. So where's the genius that did that so I can punch him in the nose?

So I go back to trying to use gnome. In about a week is all I can stand. Feel like it's an interface for retarded people or perhaps windows users. Probably just me. I used to use and like twm. All I had. Ok, ok... get off of my lawn!

Comment Re:That's grade A #1 BULLSHIT! (Score 1) 242

How can you patent something you can't even get working? That's grade A #1 BULLSHIT!

You're not familiar with the patent system, are you?
If they're getting a patent on it, you can bet it works. Otherwise there's no reason to get one. Now they can use it for 17 years. Why start a clock when you can't use it? That's one side, on the other the patent examiners will grant almost anything. They've been made fun of for years. Hey - let's patent the wheel again!

Comment Re:Even U238 isn't radioactive. (Score 1) 242

Reason why he posted as AC. He's full of it. It has a half life and is radioactive. I'd offer to put a half Lbs under his pillow and dare him to keep it there for half a year. He won't be around anymore. It's not like you're going to die within an hour radioactive. It's still "hot". I think I still have some dishes around that are "hot".

Comment More BS (Score 1) 225

Yea, global warming. It has not thing to do with the neoniconoids http://www.nature.com/nature/j... . So now we're willing to kill our bees on the global warming alter? What a load of crap. As if bees can't take change. They live from the equator all the way up to the arctic circle.

Don't believe it. More man made global warming BS. Yes, we are warming up. Check out Venice in the 1300s, the Adriatic was coming in way back then. No man made GW back then - obviously. None now. Just a way to take money from all of us and give it to guys like Al Gore and Maurice Strong.

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