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Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 331

Only stupid people unionize today. Even then, unions are largely unsuccessful. Dirty little secret is we don't need them anymore. That stuff was all put into law. Now they just plunder their rank and file and don't do squat. A union boss lives across the street from me. Larger house, money to burn.

Smart people use professional organizations like the IEEE.

Comment Re:Obvious. (Score 1) 256

If it's so obvious, how come it took them so long to figure it out? Not to mention, how much longer until the actual schools figure it out?

What's old is new again. I knew a sup from the Boston school system. He said the same thing, this was 40 years ago.

I remember we used to wonder why our burgers were like cardboard. Other stuff was so bad... to get us to eat the veggies. Resistance wasn't futile. We could also buy other things like oatmeal and chocolate cookies, even ice cream.

Besides, cube carrots, peas made great projectiles to the other table via spoon.

Comment Re: there is no (Score 1) 402

The Italians were trying to keep the Adriatic out of Venice way back in the 1300s. I suppose they had the very first indications of warming (as if, goes way back beyond that). So obviously it's not man. It's weather.

Still they overlook the villages they're finding as the ice retreats in Greenland and Iceland.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 0) 404

You need to look into history and admit your error. In the 1990s the Republicans took over congress and for the first time since the Dems controlled the Congress in the 1950s, they started to pay off the debt. So much so that we taxpayers actually got a rebate in the early 1990s. Look at what happened in 2009 with the new Obama and Dem controlled congress. Skyrocketing debt. More than 10 T so far.

As I said, admit your error.

Comment Re:People have been saying that forever. (Score 1) 143

Yes, and what happened 20 years ago? Jobs came back. Then they became cool again after he cleaned it up.

Flaming asshole, however he had vision.

So comment still applies and is timely. A year from now it'll be a captain obvious commercial unless they get some better leadership. I hope they do. I have a bunch of their equipment.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 0) 404

Stop smoking crack dude. Eisenhower is well to the right on that scale. Even Kennedy today would be considered a "radical right" guy. That's how the crazy lefties (hippies like John Kerry) have taken over the Democrat party. Boehner was instrumental in giving them what they want. Skyrocketing debt, well here's a graph for you . I dare you to look at them and realize what a train wreck he's presided over.

Keep it up, fudalism is just around the corner.

Comment Re:Time to Stop with Political Correctness (Score 1) 243

Really? I'll take your word on Blacks, since their troubles are well known (not trying to be racist here; the Black community has been getting a raw deal in America for at least 300 years). Do you have stats on Mexicans' crime rates?

You're really really brainwashed. First, there is no such race as black or white. That is a color. There is no such race as Mexican, nor hispanic. That's an ethnicity. Only stupid people say it's a race. Stupid because they don't know-the definition. Hispanics are white people. Here's the heart of the matter - there is no difference between us all. They really weren't kidding when they said we're all created equal.

As for the so called black community, they're crabs in a barrel. Something an elderly black man explained to me. Crabs will drag a crab back into the barrel that is trying to get out. Likewise, the black community drag people trying to get out back in. We've all heard the bullshit - acting white and so on. It's not whites or any other race holding you back, it's your own race. Until you realize it and do something about it, you'll stay where you are.

Turn that rap shit off. That's a good start.
Stop government "help" - that's welfare, food stamps, etc. Put the money back into your community with lower taxes. You know better than government does.
Don't listen to assholes - like Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam Louis Farrakan, Jackson... They're the crabs pulling you back in. A guy like Cosby was trying to pull you out and you see what they did to him. Bullshit allegations. Decades old. Stuff they know would never hold up in court because the circumstances would come out. How dare he try to help black people. They took black people back to the 1970s recently I think.

Tired of all this whining from the black community. Pull yourself up like everyone else did. The Jews, Irish, Italians and so on. You can do it, just like they did. There is no difference between us. Just bullshit that was taught.

Dinosaurs aren't extinct. They've just learned to hide in the trees.