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Comment Re:Professional or not? (Score 1) 140

A truly professional "IT Pro" will learn to forget the things he has seen about his/her colleagues.

I bet you haven't been around long or seen much. Some things you simply can't un-see. You will remember it the rest of your days. Some stuff I saw over 30 years ago.

Some passwords that female employees use and were cracked... you'll never forget that either. Especially when you see them.

Comment Re:Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 140

Seriously - the first female employee to stumble across it would make enough off the lawsuit to retire, so long as she was never seen to participate.

Had this chick years ago, right after all the Sexual Harassment BS came out in the 1990s. Her name was Bambi. No really - it was on her license. Worked for IBM at one point. We were all scared because she was really hot. None of us wanted to become an example.

Not so. Next thing I knew she had Adam & Eve catalog on her desk and some other stuff I'm probably still too young to look at. She said - have at it. Feel free to look and order. She was also very good on the swing I understand. I remember she said - don't worry. You can't offend me.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 86

Ok... Thought I was responding to another post.

He's *NOT* disagreeing with me. They're selling more space on bare metal precisely for the reason I stated in my response. They're doing their own VM host and not using their crappy offering. I fit into that category. I run a bunch of cloud machines. I run the underlying ESXI or Openstack boxes. So I want the bare metal box and not something some guy put together and administers out of my control. Some guy that probably is a windows admin type wannabe with a few decades less experience than I have. I know this from experience and documented it. Do you have the whole blade or are you sharing it with 500 other companies over a 1G pipe. Some places really don't want to buy what they need to support the load they have.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 86

The author of the linked story disagrees with you.

That's fine. Not offended nor does it worry me in the least. Not the first time someone has disagreed with me. However I have an excellent track record of being right in this area. In fact being right has built my house, air planes... and so on.

Last time I was wrong was when I thought something like the Dec Alpha would take over from the I386. That really should have happened, however stupid manager type people kept on buying the inferior I386 chip. So much so that not even Intel could get people away from it with the itanium. One day we'll get away from the pentium series.

However in this case I think I can be confident. As confident, even as smug as I was when I knew Unix based systems would beat out all the Mainframe types. I have a feeling he has no clue just how far it has come in just the past 5 years. In fact I'd say if you've been out of this area for more than 3 years, you know next to nothing about Cloud stuff. As a meeting today showed, a lot of "cloud" providers are behind, by years.

Stay tuned, I think you'll see some big changes in the next couple of years.

Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 551

Looking at history, when they want to put people in jail as those telling us it's man made GW and it's settled - they know they're wrong. No doubt about it. That's why they want to jail anyone that points this out. Sadly, people haven't learned that from history. Still believe in MMGW. Who knows, maybe the tooth fairy too.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 86

A trend toward moving toward "bare metal" physical boxes for the computing.

Not really. The trend is moving towards virtual machines. That's because almost all of the machines out there are nothing more than someone's BS project with a way over inflated value of their own self worth. I know, captain obvious moment here. They don't need a whole blade. All they really need is a 1GB X 2GHz machine running LAMP or same machine but running Win 2012 and IIS. I manage around 2500 machines. It's a U shaped curve. Probably 25 machines need serious CPU and memory. They do modeling or database work, things like that. The others are maxed out maybe one day a year. VM the suckers. When they need the HP and memory, bump them up. We can do that in about 10 minutes. Otherwise, they're a 1X2 or a 2X4. I dug into a Solaris box for CPUs recently. Box is about to fall off of maint. It's a dev box with just a web server on it - 132 processors. Gobs of memory. They want a new one just like it, of course. Getting cold in here, throw another stack of $100 bills on the fire. With Oracle, that's exactly what you're doing, throwing rolls of $100 bills at the problem.

Moving a certain department out to the web was a real eye opener for management. They had to pay by the TB of storage, Bytes up/down, CPU, memory, etc. Where they used to demand 20TB of storage, now they requested 2 TB. Where they used to ask for 512 GB memory and 32 processors, now they ask for 16 GB and 4 processors - same application, same data, etc. Apples to apples comparison. When it didn't matter and they thought they were dealing with funny money, the sky was the limit. Don't even try to figure out what you really needed, just ask for the moon. They used to get it.

Centralizing everything makes a lot of sense. You get a machine, don't have to worry about all the BS that goes into maintaining a physical machine. Where to put the sucker, power, environment... and so on. If there's a problem, where the hell is it? For most computing centers, we have say 6 or 10 modules, each about a football size. Guess where it is. Virtual machine? No problemo, I don't even have to leave my chair. Need to upgrade the hardware? No problem, just move it to another farm. Then remove that old stuff.

Unless you really need a bare metal machine, I mean you have to be able to make a honest business case (to a guy that is smarter than you are), don't do it.

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