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Comment: Re:Just Republicans playing tricks again (Score 1) 179

by ebvwfbw (#49617471) Attached to: NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out!

Just look in the past 6 years at what has gone on at Kennedy Space Center. Building towers they can't possibly use, doing away with the space shuttle, defunding real science to go on a quest to show man made global warming - and failed. Before responding, read the UN's report and see how they admit they can't explain why it hasn't warmed up based on the concentrations of co2 over the past 15 years, showing their models are clearly bogus. Yet, somehow they are even more sure man is causing it. The actual antithesis of science as their theory has been shown to be clearly wrong, even to lay people who bother to look. Yet people still believe in Armstrong's scheme.

Go on a tour at KSC, get mad at what Dems have done. You'll have to ask as they don't volunteer that information. The dems are not a friend of science. Wasn't always this way. That's how it is now.

Comment: Re:Sorry I'm always suspicious (Score 1) 179

by ebvwfbw (#49617399) Attached to: NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out!

Already done. Around 30 years ago. SDI dude. China came up to date, around 10 years ago as well. Not to blame you, they don't advertise it for obvious reasons. It would frighten too many low information people. I've run into people up tight that too much fresh water is "trapped" in dead copper pipes and we're all going to die because of this. Seriously. Then there are the even more bizarre things some people think.

Comment: Re:Do we all owe the janitor credit, too? (Score 1) 169

It's really the other way around. Steven Spielberg owes the computing community for his career. He's stood on the shoulder of the giants that came up with graphics processing for his movies, and clearly Unix had a great deal to do with that.

Basic was just a little teaching language for simple purposes. It also taught a lot of bad habits.

Comment: Re:idgi (Score 1) 609

by ebvwfbw (#49608641) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

You're delusional. The neo-right don't complain about women in pictures like that. They appreciate them. It's playboy after all. I'd let my hot daughter do playboy. You don't really see anything. Can see about as much at the beach. Some beaches a lot more.

Oddly enough, it's the women who complain. My sister is one of them, and she's far from a neo-right. She's an ass licking wacko liberal. So ass licking she got a 'fro back in the 1980s. Man was that a disaster. She makes people on the right I know look like Heffner. Eventually she toned it back, after a black man nearly killed her in the process of robing her in the church parking lot.

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 609

by ebvwfbw (#49608613) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

Don't get out much, do you? That look is - is this photo shoot finally done yet?

Never the less, she is a fine example of a woman and Heff realized it. He has a very fine eye. Reminds me of a 1978 I think photo of a 50 year old woman that was in playboy. Caption was she's hot isn't she? She's also 50. I can still see her in my mind.

Comment: Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 280

by ebvwfbw (#49598345) Attached to: New Study Suggests Flying Is Greener Than Driving

You're crazy. That aircraft is
1) very expensive
2) can carry about 300 lbs.
3) isn't practical.

I know, I spent about 2 years looking into them. There are a LOT of gotchas. Some very expensive gotchas.

I own one of the best ones going. A 1950s Bonanza. I get 170 MPH at 11 GPH. I can carry about 950 Lbs. That includes fuel and I have a 3.5 hour range. Even so at best I'm 17 MPG. My very best I had a 150 Kts tailwind so about double that. Most other planes are MUCH worse. Especially if you have a twin.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 1) 334

by ebvwfbw (#49548819) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology

So, if he's fully responsible for accidentally killing an American, he'll be prosecuted for manslaughter, right?

How about the time he intentionally killed a US Citizen - . No "due process", no charges, no court.. just go and whack this guy. Granted, he was probably right. However I think there should have been more due process. I can't imagine a Republican Prez getting away with that.

Comment: Re:Even better security hack (Score 1) 130

Easier than that. Just say it's a video of Job's next blockbuster project that nobody knows about. He didn't complete it before he died. All you have to do is download this codec to see it...

I bet you'd get 90% of the apple Fanbois. That's because they'd all download it in the 1st 10 minutes it would be out there.

Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 1) 649

by ebvwfbw (#49525093) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

I'll take your argument, because it's an old one and has already been beaten. They said the same thing about third party parts. "won't be up to our standards." "They don't have access to our expensive engineering documents." and so on. All this over brake drums, rear axels, transmissions, engines, steering parts, even seat belts.

Obviously, this is wrong. Today I can buy a Chevrolet 350 CID V-8 engine and not a single part was from GM. Plenty of other examples and they often beat the OEMs version. Not always, however. For example if you have a high pressure fuel pump, buy their fuel pump. Normal ones, not so much. Get it wrong and you're on the side of the road. I know from experience. For some cars, like certain foreign ones they have two pumps. Replace both because when the other one fails, you're back on the side of the road. It'll shut down if either of them fail. Stupid but that's German engineering for you.

When this played out decades ago, the car companies lost.

I see no reason why this is different. A gear head may not know how to program that computer. However with the right computer with an interface and a guy that knows how to do it so that even a redneck can do it, what's the big deal?

As for zeroing out the mileage and so on, come on. Don't fool yourself. I have seen where they can roll back anything from even a Caddy to a bummed out Corolla or accord(ion) to say whatever they want it to.

Here's the best advice you'll probably EVER get on /. When you are buying a used car, get a carfax or other car report. The two times I didn't, I got burned. One was a caddy that they rolled back 100,000 miles. It really didn't look like it had 220K on it. Still took off like a rocket. Found out when it was rear ended. The other one I still own. They rolled it back about 50K based on documents I later found in the car. So instead of 130K it really has more like 180K on that Express. Still a very solid van. It's used in a side business of mine, towing backhoes and things like that. Recently the distributor was just worn out. I have to wonder if it really has a lot more miles on it than 180.

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