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by ebvwfbw (#48006965) Attached to: Flurry of Scans Hint That Bash Vulnerability Could Already Be In the Wild

So you set it to "(){:;};rm -rf /".
Even before the helper script has had time to receive the data and do the necessary sanity check on it, bash will interpret the whole content (because it begins with () ) including the rm.

Wish people would try stuff before talking about it. If you try to run any binary you will get a segmentation violation. I know, I tried. Before you point out libraries paths and crap, that doesn't work either. We tried that as well. You're limited to shell stuff only. I.e. echo for example but not /usr/bin/echo. However if you know what you are doing echo is plenty powerful.

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by ebvwfbw (#47970011) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

... reboots are years between, and in scheduled windows.

Care to publish the IP of your machine?

Of course don't do that, only a fool would do that if you're not rebooting to a new kernel more often.

Have you even looked at systemd? By your comments I don't think so. I'm getting a 3 second reboot with a VM. Yes you have to learn some new stuff. Big deal. I'm a guy that used to compile Unix from tape on a vax 11/750. Learn it, it's worth it.

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by ebvwfbw (#47905167) Attached to: Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

Do you know what we had before this country existed? Look it up. I think you'll easily agree we own land today. Clearly it isn't what it used to be.

I own a lot of land. I can sell it as well. Often do. Buy other land. No sweat. The big caveat is don't go around trying to harm others. No drugs, no religions that serve only you, other nastyness. No problems. Ironically my fear are the crazy lefties and their BS. Suddenly a building they don't like may become a target. Often for something that isn't even a problem - like too much di-hydrogen monoxide. I know, it kills a lot of people every year. However it's necessary for commerce. Funny example, however this happens.

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Come on guys, we're not helpless Windows type people. Stuff changes. Go with it. I'm old guard, as in I used to make my own filesystems from a prototype old. Today you just mk*fs. Partitions are easy, even X11 is automatic to the point people probably don't even know they're running X11.

I loved the old stuff. Made a lot of money with it. Old, dated. Like with aircraft, autos, etc, time moves on. Adapt or be left behind.

The new way it boots, there's no question it's better. Just learn the new way.

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that war is over, and vi won

Clearly it didn't. Bash uses emacs commands by default, of course. Mode editors are so 1960s. If you're serious about computer science, learn emacs. Then you can use both. I use both. If it is something simple, I use vi. For anything else emacs. Once you learn emacs, then you'll wonder why someone didn't let you in on the secret before. So far I have one guy that still wouldn't admit Emacs was superior, of course he wouldn't even try it. He helped write vi.

So sure, vi won in the sense that it's almost always installed by default - small, fast. When I show people Emacs and what can do, they usually learn it.

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Gnome and KDE

Didn't care which one - SYSV or BSD back in the 1980s, pick one and all of us - use it! Didn't happen. That BS still rages on today when BSD was rescued out of oblivion by replacing the Apple OS with a modified version of it.

Gnome and KDE - again, pick one. Can't have that now can we? Let's fragment everything!

Now this crap. I go back to the mid 1980s with Unix. It built my house and has paid for everything I own. I'm happy to move to the new way. It's better. SYSV - nice knowing you. I'll put you in the back of my closet like I did with the Casette, 8 track, other stuff that had a good run. I'm sure I'll always remember you.

Not to say that the new way is a bed of roses. Getting better, however.

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by ebvwfbw (#47753765) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

Used to be a boy scout project I remember from years ago. They found a place that had good optics. They knew because they worked for NASA at Goddard. Sent a few back. So they had the optics and we had to build a case to put them in. Plywood mostly. When it was done, man it's incredible. No, really. I've owned some Sears type telescopes. They're crap in comparison. When you are able to see through one of these babies - it's truly incredible. I'm talking one with about a 1 meter or so focal length. Galaxies oriented every which way and the colors and so many of them. Never felt so insignificant in my life. Then we found Saturn. Incredible. It really is worth I think we paid about $200 for the optics about 15 years or so ago. I'm sure that telescope is still around someplace. Wish I had it.

This is now. Later is later.