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Comment Traffic (Score 1) 179

So he's complaining because London traffic doesn't move, much. No kidding, it's world famous. All he has to do is set up the city better. Starting with overpasses like Washington DC has with route 395, and other highways that move at 50 MPH, until it's saturated, there's an accident. Next is setting up the lights so they're smart. Then traffic can all wiz by.

Of course, this isn't what they want. They want people to use public transportation. Subway, train, busses. We're all just freight to haul around.

Comment Whatcha in for Bub? (Score 1) 311

14 years. They found a USB drive in my bedroom that was my Ex-wife's. It has a 3d printer file for a gun. Somehow it's my fault I didn't get rid of it.

Hah, I knew you're lying. The right answer is nothing. You get 20 years for the 3d printer files. Nothing gets you 14 years.

You'll love the gulag after a while.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 387

Damn straight! Same for that gravity stuff.

Science doesn't fail us with gravity. There's a hypothesis, experimentation and repeatable results. No doubt, it's real. You can even reproduce the many experiments in your own home, or mothers basement as it may be.

Show me one single scientific experiment using the scientific method that's repeatable ( you know, actual science) where CO2 is shown to warm something. Fish tank, something larger. Good luck with that. Soon I'm tempted to offer $1000 to anyone that can show this. The money is safe. Science shows us it doesn't do that. Water vapor, methane gas - no problem. CO2 - big problem. Even as the supposed proof - the hockey stick graph and so on have been thoroughly shown to be wrong.

We also have NASA that can't seem to decide if Antartica is gaining or losing ice.

Bottom line is we are warming up. This has been the case for over 1000 years as I can show you Venice Italy records from the 1300s that show they had a water rising problem back then. That's all pre-industrial. That is for the stupid out there - NOT man. But don't believe me, look it up for yourself. The data is out there. Figure out when people are lying to you. Intentional, unintentional or they simply didn't know.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 387

No, it's foolish to do dumb things like take on religion as a science guy. He did that. Where's the science to show God doesn't exist? Of course, there is none. At best science knows about 30% of what is out there, probably a lot less. So who knows if proof of God isn't in the other 70% of what we don't know. We could discover that we're really all just an experiment in some teenager's test tube, so to speak. That's our universe.

Stick with what he knows. Stay out of controversy unless he has definitive proof. For example, here's global warming, here's CO2, here's the experiment that shows it will warm earth. Good luck finding that experiment by the way. There is no proof CO2 is causing warming. There is very persuasive proof that it's a symptom, however. Rise in CO2 always has followed actual warming by years showing it's not the cause.

Comment Women in infosec? (Score 1) 291

Like Santa Claus and the M&M figures - they do exist. I have actually worked with a few woman in infosec. They did very little, then moved on for a big pay raise, where they did nothing there as well. They were nice to look at while they were there though most of them are like a door knob. Everyone got a turn.

This is so stupid. They don't like the numbers so they just make up crap. Maybe more men should check off the female box so they can feel better. You know, women really are just as good as men.

Comment Re:The real reason VHS won (Score 1) 103

That's a myth. I and every one of my friends it was simple. The sony units were a lot more expensive. The video quality didn't look any different. Especially since we're recording off air anyhow. It was good enough. Very quickly, it seemed that only one of my friends had a beta. About 6 months later he bought a vhs so he could join the rest of the world. I still have my late 1970s vhs unit. It never did break.

It was bad marketing that did them in.

Comment Better Peer review? (Score 1) 63

I have a feeling they're doing better science because if they bet against one of their peers, they know if they have skin in the game that they're going to be a lot more critical and call bullshit easier. When it's a dolt/dumbass that's handing out public money, he doesn't care. Let's see, followed outline, has some good looking graphs, isn't disproving Man Made Global Warming - don't care, give 'em money.

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