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Comment Re:STOP B*tching and solve this problem !!! (Score 1) 101

Get politicians to understand that this is a problem. Care about it. Otherwise, they'll say pass the sweet and sour sauce.

When we can show someone is doing it, let's put 'em in jail, for a long time. No white collar place either, place like Chino or Attica.

When they get out, if they go back to doing spam, cut their head off.

Wasted so much frickin' time over the past couple of decades dealing with their BS. Way too much time.

Comment Re:chroot is not for security. like change directo (Score 1) 743

Sounds like you're someone who thinks they know about security. You probably do know something, not as much as you think.

I want you to look it up and admit your error. Chroot is easy to break out of if you know what you're doing. Don't feel bad, however. I have to correct people on this a lot. Often by showing them. Solaris, Irix, Linux, doesn't matter. It's not a jail. For what it was designed for it works well.

I'm not going to show how to do this on slashdot. I get paid to do that, however it's out there if you know where to look.

Comment Re:A win for men (Score 1) 262

The thing is, they have it. Being a white guy it's kind of funny to me. Everyone, even white guys think they're being held back or wronged somehow. I'm sure it happens, not nearly as much as people suppose. There are people who thrive on it. In fact, it's their business to feed that. Women are paid 75% of what men are - yea, sure if you use raw numbers. If you use women in that field vs men in a field, not so. In fact, if that's the case laws go clear back to the 1930s so they can sue over it. I get really pissed off when they think they need a new law, they already have it and have had it for decades. Almost 80 years now. They also get away with bloody murder often. A man would have been fired off.... women get to keep their job and continue screwing things up. If they know what they are doing they can go to the top.

There.. now if I can just get my company to stop holding me back, I can get some real stuff done!

Comment Re:The summary makes me quiver (Score 1) 262

Sorry, you missed my joke. I thought that was very funny. Seemed almost tailored made - your handle, not knowing... just too good to pass up.

Don't go anywhere folks, I'm here all week.

BTW My handle - that was the captcha. I tried to get I don't know how many handles and everything was taken that I tried. So I just typed that in and it worked. I had another handle and lost it. No idea what I used. This handle I think I've had for about 15 years.

Comment Re:Felonies in general need to be tightened. (Score 1) 262

Should have re-read what you typed one more time - there's a typo.

You're right, felonies should mean you did something real bad. They often assign a year or more for essentially nothing. You can get hit with that sexual offender thing for just peeing in the bushes and getting caught. Really? That's BS.

What happens when the legislature has nothing better to do.

Comment Re:Republicans hate computers (Score 1) 262

What bullshit. It's Democrats that hate computers, sex. They just say the Republicans are. After all, just look at Clarance Thomas. What a load of crap that was. Woman followed him from job to job and the Democrats cried - sexual harassment - even though even it it were it wasn't illegal at the time. They're the ones up tight, when they want to be. Then afterwards - let's fuck anything living!

Ok, seriously - admit it, it's not a Republican/Democrat thing. It's a bullshit police thing. Yet another way to make us all criminals.

Comment Re:no surprise, what people use at home they use t (Score 2) 167

Not true. I brought RedHat into a number of data centers, though I was using slackware. RedHat was just way better. IMHO it's better then debian/ubuntu. I keep giving ubuntu a chance, keeps disappointing me. Sometimes not even installing such that it will boot. When it does, it often won't even sync with the wifi. Something they lifted from RedHat - works there and works well, however. Maybe I'll try it again soon.

Debian is a joke. Some secure baseline groups, I haven't seen a posting in years. It's like *dead*. Buried. Still true believers out there.

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