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Comment: Keep an Open Mind (Score 1) 325

by ebresie (#33593658) Attached to: Super Principia Mathematica

I am not a scientist, have not read the 3 volumes, can not speak for the validity of the material, I have no affiliation with any one involved with the book, and agree the original "review" may not be completely sincere...

But having others being critical of it without having read the book is in my mind just wrong. That's whats wrong with the world now a days..people make knee jerk responses without having the whole story.

For those questioning the religious aspects...His blog comment indicates "I don’t know about God using me in the last days? But I can see his handiwork in the universe through the math and physics; and would like to share that vision with others. However, the Super Principia Mathematica is not a religious treatise. There is nothing religious in the Super Principia, except for the Prologue.". I suspect anything beyond that and he is trying to leverage off of Hawking's recent publication.

The book site has excerpts available. The material seems to have some relevant references from history for foundation as well as bleeding edge science as well. Programs I've seen on the Science Channel seems to have similar topics that he covers. So there may be some merit there.

He worked on the Moller Flying Car and at JPL. I would hope that gets him a little credit.

Comment: Same old thing...but different.. (Score 1) 311

by ebresie (#27008123) Attached to: Sun Slips Firefox Extension Into Java Update

Isn't this basically the way it was previously?

In the past, when you installed Java, it came with a plugin that was available for IE and Netscape...is that any different except now it gives you some notification of its installation?

I suppose if you don't have Java installed then yes this is new, but if you plan to visit a Java enabled site, then you would have the chance to install it then also (just like if you were trying to install the Flash plugin). With the new plugin it only installs the needed items (with the remainder of the JRE installing in the background).

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