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Comment Re:Not for me (Score 1) 496

Attach rate could also indicate more than one thing. Software like Wii Sport Resort and Wii Fit Plus are selling very strongly showing that lots of people found the originals fun enough to buy sequels and expansions. Many people also do not want to buy a 10 hour FPS game and a 60 hour RPG every month.

Comment Re:Not for me (Score 1) 496

That would mean something if you could prove that games are reviewed mainly on how much fun the average consumer would have with the game. Instead they are rated on things like graphics, story, marketing spend and the personal preferences of the narrow demographic who self select themselves as game reviewers.

Comment Re:Illegal? (Score 1) 439

It seems to me that the legality of this is *very* dubious here in the UK.

A click through contract or EULA isn't exactly legally binding here unless it is made clear at the point of sale. Even then, if it states anything that would overide our statutory rights it wouldn't be legally binding.

Our statutory rights include the data protection act, which should make EA liable for all sorts of compensation claims if they ship this spyware in the UK.

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