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Comment: Re:It's 1930s retro! (Score 2) 115

by easyTree (#49801299) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 5, Funny) 310

by easyTree (#49785605) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

I am not a "lost" sale - I was never a potential "sale" in the first place.

Omg, communist! By using AdBlock you have robbed the advertising ghouls of the opportunity to perform a non-customer to customer conversion against your will, using their superior ad-fu. It's just not something that should happen in a free and democratic police state. Shame on you =S

Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 5, Informative) 310

by easyTree (#49785573) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

Here in Manchester (UK), there are an increasing number of HUGE eye-searingly bright digital displays on buildings, roadsides, on the sides of bridges under which the road passes... They are generally the slightly more upmarket version of the flash ads begging you to click - irritatingly distracting. I find it interesting that whoever grants these licenses would so casually prioritize ad revenue over driver safety. It's almost as if they don't actually care.

Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 1) 310

by easyTree (#49785493) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

I still have not figured out the bizarre-o world of the internet where some people want something for free, block any attempt to pay for it via ads

Umm, it's better for everyone this way (non-exhaustive list follows):
  * People who don't want to watch ads don't have to
  * These same people are not candidate customers so why bother advertising at them?
  * By blocking the scripts, the media / assets are not downloaded, thus reducing bandwidth charges which are essentially wasted.

One might wonder if organizations might use whatever means possible to drive people to use ad-block =D

Comment: Ahh (Score 1) 310

by easyTree (#49785303) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

The Munich Regional Court ruled against media companies ProSiebenSat1 and IP Deutschland. The companies sued Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, asking the court to ban the distribution of the free ad-blocking software, saying it hurts their ad-based business model.

At last I'm catching on. I see how it works now. The laws against distributing others' IP for profit are hurting my proposed business model of selling other people's IP for profit. Using the same logic, I'd like them repealed.

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methano writes: Long time reader Methano is sick and tired of the stupid pop under ads screaming at him and the endless CPU churning flash ads that have come to characterize the experience of being a loyal Slashdot follower. He's seriously thinking of saying goodbye to a once enjoyable but now more often annoying web site.

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