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Comment Re:Phew, I was worried there for a second. (Score 1) 157

What better investment could they make when they need future control of their stock price?
[x] Blends in with their nominal business practices?
[x] Will have drastic effect on their stock price?
[x] Can be blamed on (unknown! :))) third party?
[_] Will have a permanent effect on the stock price?
[x] Should do it?


Comment Re:Identity Theft (Score 1) 157

There is no national system to prevent credit from being authorized in your name, even to aliens from other worlds.

Agreed; indeed both my immediate neighbours were recently granted credit and they're gelatinous CO2-respiring life-forms from out of town. Curiously, I've been repeatedly turned down, despite paying-off every one (of fifteen credit records) loan, hp agreement etc. with only two missed payments since my credit history began.

I'm more interested in their ability to perform their core task of determining someone's creditworthiness than anything as ancillary as preventing credit theft although that is a close second.

It disturbs me that these agencies are seen to be infallible (certainly with respect to credit-scoring) and are free to operate without oversight, despite there being no logical manner to derive their decisions from their available data!

Surely, someone (else, tm) should be looking in to this given that ability to obtain credit is so crucial to one's flexibility in the modern world.

Comment Re:I cheer when I read stories like this (Score 1) 203

meaning that somewhere along the line the projects required budget dropped by $38 million....

Nuh-uh, meaning that you didn't read the summary (usually, I would be none the wiser too):

the state seeks $11 million in damages along with attorney's fees (~$100M) and the funds needed to rebid and re-procure the contract (£49M ?)

The life of a repo man is always intense.