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Submission + - Gifts for Geeks

ear1grey writes: "What presents should normal people buy for geeks during this non-denominational end-of-gregorian-year festive period? As a general guide:
  1. It's got to make fellow geek's tingle in awe when exhibited.
  2. It's got to be legal.
  3. It's got to be eco-friendly.
The best ideas I've come up with so far are donations to charities such as the FSF, EFF and Wikipedia, but there's got to be loads more, right? Give you family a break from gift angst and tell them (and us) what's on your morally sound wish list."

Submission + - WordPress stablemate BBPress released

ear1grey writes: "The authors of WordPress (an open-source blogging platform) have quietly shipped the first public release of BBPress, a PHP/MySQL based bulletin-board with abolutely no bells, zero whistles and one plugin API. Early adopters, plugin authors & porters, etc. are invited to join the discussion to help shape it's growth."

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