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Comment: Re:How long will it be before script kiddies (Score 1) 223

by Overzeetop (#47760915) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

That's kind of my point - it already exists. And it exists on the most gullible user, cash-rich platform ever - iOS. Find My iPhone would allow an attacker to send a message to the user informing him or her of a complete wipe of their data unless they paid up. These are folks who would have no idea if they've backed up their phone or not, and even if they had half of them done' know how to reinstall what they lost. Tens of millions of phones with owners who would drop $100 in a heartbeat not to lose their friends texts or pictures of their grandkids. And yet it's not happening.

Comment: Already (mostly) exists (Score 1) 223

by Overzeetop (#47756223) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

You do realize that both Android and iOS have this feature baked in, right? You can remotely wipe your phone, and with a court order the police can coerce you to do it as well (if you worry about such things). All that's required is the device lock, which is fairly trivial given the propensity for modders to brick phones accidentally.


Comment: You've never lost your keys, have you? (Score 1) 187

by Overzeetop (#47756021) Attached to: $75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

After getting a quote from the dealers to get a lost key replaced for all three cars on my keyring (which dissappeared), I wondered if it wouldn't just be cheaper to have the cars towed away and re-buy new ones. (The prices ranged from $150-$275 EACH to have them replaced)

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Well, we're at least half in agreement. Our brains are programmed to favor dietary items which are high in fat and high in saccarides, Which isn't surprising as we evolved to survive, and high caloric intake was valuable in survival. We've just gotten smart enough not to need such a large volume of input to produce the energy we need to survive. All the processed sugars and fat which are bad for us (well, most of them) exist in exactly the same form in paleolithic era foods - they're just not surrounded by indigestible fibers.

tl;dr If people would stop eating so fucking much and get out and exercise this probably wouldn't be an issue.

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