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Comment Re:Excellent... (Score 1) 143

This is hilarious... Because I don't care that they data mine my grades, I don't give a fuck about privacy. What a general sweeping assumption. And after your comments below, I don't understand why you don't move to an island and live by yourself. My general assumption would be; everyone currently surrounded by you would be much more happy, if there is anyone who even wants to be around you at this point.

Comment Excellent... (Score 1) 143

My college currently employs moodle, but all of my teachers already link to google docs for their assignments, powerpoint presentations used with the Smart Board; all pushed into ppt and pdf to look at and study from later.. This would work perfectly as a substitute for moodle, which is terrible in some aspects. By the time schools incorporate it, i'll be done. Still, cool to see. I'm not too worried about my grades being mined, but then again I'm also not a privacy nut.

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