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Comment: Re:Piloted plane? (Score 1) 281

by e9th (#39842591) Attached to: Discovery Channel Crashes a Boeing 727 For Science Documentary
I'm just guessing, but I suspect the pilot bailed once the aircraft was no longer over populated areas, and that it was flown into the ground under remote control. And since the crash happened in Mexico, the FAA probably didn't have too much involvement other than maybe adding some of their own experiments.

+ - Syfy takes marketing tie-ins to new depths->

Submitted by e9th
e9th (652576) writes "The Sci-Fi Channel, which once brought us the final three seasons of MST3K, then became the supernatural reality fixated Syfy, has really done it this time. It's already pitching advertisers on integrations into Defiance, the coordinated TV series and multiplayer online game that it plans to introduce in April 2013.

Advertising Age tells us that the complicated nature of the project, in which plot points will appear on the TV show and in the game at about the same time, requires bringing in marketers earlier than usual. For example, the post-apocalyptic Defiance, "...could have a highway with rest-stop signs, and one of the signs could have a Burger King symbol. When they get off the highway, they find a Burger King that survived the universal war," said Nicholas Beliaeff, senior VP-development for Trion Worlds.

The article continues: Media typically get consumed in a lean-back fashion, as with TV, or a lean-forward stance, as in gaming and the web, said Mike Rosen, president-investment and activation at Starcom MediaVest Group. " 'Defiance' is a groundbreaking paradigm that links both media [types] and allows brands to be more immersive than they could be as part of TV or a video game alone."

It's disturbing that Comcast, which already owns Syfy, is also a major investor in Trion Worlds, the publisher of Defiance.

Is this the future of television?"

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Comment: Well, we still have Hartley Peavey (Score 2) 166

by e9th (#39588741) Attached to: RIP, Electric Amplifier Inventor Jim Marshall, 'Father of Loud'
I play the pedal steel guitar, one of the few electrics that doesn't sound better through a Marshall. Steel guitarists mostly rely on Peaveys like the Nashville, Session, and Vegas models. Peavey is a privately owned company, and Hartley, its founder, is now in his 70s. Maybe because he's a Mississippi boy, his company has produced amps for us since the '60s, even though we're very much a niche market.

When he's gone, I will mourn Hartley Peavey as much as I do Les Paul, Leo Fender, and Jim Marshall.

Comment: Re:Accountability (Score 1) 191

by e9th (#38401266) Attached to: Coming Soon: Ubiquitous Long-Term Surveillance From Big Brother
The point is that the state will never allow citizens to be on the same footing as itself when it comes to firearms.

And do you really think that more men were killed by snipers than by M-16s and AK-47s? Incidentally, at least two local police departments near me will issue MP5s (selective fire!) to any officer who cares to qualify.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan