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+ - The Science of Sarcasm->

Submitted by e4g4
e4g4 (533831) writes "The New York Times has an interesting article up about how humans actually detect sarcasm. It turns out that sarcasm detection is actually a high level process that takes place in the parahippocampal gyrus. Interestingly, this part of the brain is not in the left hemisphere where most of the hardware for processing language and social interaction resides. So the next time your sarcasm is lost on some other commenters, maybe damage to the right hemisphere or semantic dementia is the culprit. To paraphrase Comic Book Guy, "Ooh a parahippocampal gyrus, that's real useful.""
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+ - Nuclear Energy, Global Warming, and Jane Fonda

Submitted by e4g4
e4g4 (533831) writes "Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt (authors of the book "Freakonomics") penned a very interesting article(registration req'd) for the New York Times Magazine attributing at least some of our current climate problems to the coincidence of the movie "The China Syndrome" starring Jane Fonda, and the accident at Three Mile Island in 1979. The remarkably short time between the release of the movie and the incident at Three Mile Island (a mere twelve days) skewed public opinion strongly against the widespread adoption of nuclear power, or so argue Mr. Dubner and Mr. Levitt.

More information about the research behind their article can be found on their blog"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Beer Goggles Explained!

Submitted by e4g4
e4g4 (533831) writes "Researchers at Manchester University have apparently discovered the formula behind the well known "Beer Goggle" effect. The research, commissioned by Bausch and Lomb PureVision, has determined that the quantity of alcohol consumed isn't the only variable that contributes to the "Beer Goggle factor", smokiness of the room and a person's visual acuity also come into play. (Yeah, the article's a little over a year old, but Science + Beer == Fun)."

+ - Universal Suing MySpace For Copyright Infringement

Submitted by e4g4
e4g4 (533831) writes "Universal is suing MySpace over alleged copyright infringement, stating that because MySpace reformats submitted content (music videos, etc) and enables these files to be shared with other users, they are willfully participating in the infringement. MySpace claims that their procedures and policies are fully in line with the DMCA."

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