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Comment: Re:Perfect is the enemy of good (Score 1) 78 78

or knowing you really did get a good price on plenum cable and not some cheap pvc knockoff. Agree 100% with your assessment that despite many limitations, it will have an abundance of cheap, useful applications. Considering some of the 3rd world uses smart phones are playing in the medical field, this could only enhance the usefulness of doctors without borders.

Comment: what do you have against a paleo lifestyle? (Score 1, Informative) 496 496

you make it sound like its hard to maintain. Not to belittle a 30lb loss in 9mos, but after 9mos of my lifestyle change (including a shift to paleo nutrition) I had lost ALL of my excess body fat. That turned out to be about 100lb from my heaviest. But, had I been heavier, I have no doubt I still would have shed every bit of excess weight, whatever that number has been. I often encourage people to take up the paleo diet because its fairly simple to maintain (avoid grains, starchy foods, legumes, and the oils derived from them for the most part) and, due to the nature of protein having a high satiation effect, effectively also reduces your consumption of food in general. If someone wants to burn fat they first have to train their body to actually USE fat. That's never going to happen if you continue to eat a lot of carbs. Carbs are the low hanging fruit of fuel for your body. As long as there is plenty of that sort of fuel laying around your body is going to use it and never use fat. In an absence of glycogen, your body will begin converting a 9cal fat gram into a 7cal ketone; which, once converted, cannot be re-absorbed as fat. You either use it or piss it away. So before you've made any other lifestyle change, you're already getting a 25% bonus to your BMR out of basic inefficiencies.

  Compound this by training your muscles to burn more fat for fuel instead of carbs and you accelerate the weight loss significantly. White, fast-twitch, muscle fibers burn glucose and cannot oxidize during use, resulting in tired sore muscles after a short stent of activity. Whereas red muscle fibers of both fast and slow twitch burn fat directly and can self-oxidize during use. The calves of an Olympic sprinter are majority white muscle fibers, whereas a Olympic marathon runner re quite the opposite where 80% of the muscles in their calves are red fibers. This can be achieved by structuring your workouts to focus more on endurance and increasing workout times than trying to first increase resistance. Enough resistance to keep your HR within the cardio/peak ranges, but once there, focus on endurance building.

Comment: Re:How do you answer this? (Score 1) 169 169

patents are actually helpful in this situation. A patent has with it, exact information as to exactly how something works. Unless the MPAA bastards manage to keep patents alive longer than their current expiration dates, there wouldn't be a concern over patent rights in 100yrs.

Comment: Laserdisc? (Score 1) 169 169

Its my understanding that Laserdisc, the once fringe format that was usurped by DVD, differed in that, instead of a codec that recorded deviations from the previous frame, stored each and every video frame on the disc. I would think this might make for the best method to retrieve the information. To be sure, you could include the entire patent library for the laserdisc technology to ensure accurate reproduction in 100yrs time.

Comment: Re: nice, now for the real fight (Score 1) 631 631

they were never laws, they were 'opinions' as to what meets the requirements. Just like 1998 was simply an opinion, at the time. Just like the FCC regulating VoIP, only in the last 6yrs. But never fear, once the FCC explains to the Tax-and-Spend-like-the-worlds-gonna-end members of congress how much tax revenue can be had by this new 'opinion'. It will become law just as easily. As a small business ISP who has been screwed over and over again by the major carriers, I see less down side to this than up. I literally was on a conference call with the ILEC (windstream) over slow speeds of a new customer I was turning up. Windstream had 3 or 4 execs along with engineers on the call, all claiming they did not have any idea why its slow. At one point the engineer thought he had muted myself and my client and stated, to one of their executives, that , per standing order, ALL 3rd party traffic was to run across a separate DS3 (45Mbps shared among all the other ISPs) instead of their GIGABIT fiber connections. So they got caught red handed admitting to deliberately screwing over the other ISPs, whom have no access to last-mile physical layers to the customers.

Up in verizon country they undermined the actual 1996 Telecom act that said they had to allow competing LECs access to their physical layer. They sued the FCC to ammend that it didnt apply to 'newer technologies'. So along comes FIOS service. Not only do they not allow competing carriers to order services on it, but once they install it they rip out every last inch of legacy copper to the facility, ensuring that the customer can NEVER switch to a competing LEC regardless of how badly verizon treats them.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 1) 349 349

I am as shocked as you probably were.. the government rarely, if ever, lowers taxes even if they were to reduce their expenses by 50%. They would just find more shit to waste money on :-) Think about all that non-working security equipment that turned out to be vaporware for airport security. That was billions wasted for what they thought was an 'easy button'. I'm sorry but I kinda expect my government to at least be old enough and wise enough to have learned a loooong time ago that nothing in life worth having ever comes easy.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 1) 349 349

a couple hundred. btw PRI is 23 channels.. one channel is the D-channel signalling. This is how he is oversubscribing. I understand the idea of oversubscription, I run an ISP and ITSP. However, I am not taking taxpayer dollars. I am providing a service and use over subscription rations to balance the actual demand with costs. If the demand increases I am forced to increase my costs without an increase in revenue, this is the nature of the strategy. To get a CLEC license and then simply buy a PRI and oversubscribe to these rooms seems a lot shadier of a method when you are telling the FCC that you are providing more than you actually are in this situation.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 2) 349 349

its interesting that I have to charge my customers 15% of 64% yet when I look at other carrier bills like Nuvox (now Windstream) their $600/mo bill for various phone lines and phone packages; I only see a few dollars charged for USF. They are definitely cheating the system, perhaps through legal loopholes, perhaps not. Remember Adelphia? Just because the company is full of harvard business and harvard law graduates doesn't imply that they are using legal and extralegal loopholes. Sometimes they just cheat.

as far as the analogy that ATT is paying the 15%, thats not entirely accurate. Yes there might be a USF fee on my bill of $15, but I wouldnt go as far as to say if it were to go away that my ATT core charges would go up as a result. Its not coming out of their profits, they simply pass those costs on to the consumer. Ever see a Vonage bill? They lost a lawsuit to Verizon over a patent issued 20 yrs after the invention of DNS. Instead of that coming out of their profits, they charge the consumer an extra $5. However their website wont add this $5 to the price of their service when shopping around and comparing prices. I have seen first hand the way these carriers quote services. Its _amazing_ how a $400/mo PRI quote suddenly becomes $575 when you get your actual bill due to all the fees and taxes added. None of those were ever disclosed in a quote even thought they really could calculate a lot of this, at least to a rough estimate level. As long as Norlight or Paetec run around quoting $400 PRI, it will be unlikely that ATT raises their core pricing even at the demise of some of the taxes. There is still a race to present the smallest quoted price and then nickel and dime the shit out of people through hidden charges. I just dont see a big concern by them to eliminate the USF.

BTW those Federal Subscribe Line fee's go directly into their pockets and none of that is ever quoted in the price either.


Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 5, Insightful) 349 349

Bullshit, I am a small ITSP and I cannot get any USF money. Yet when I go around into government housing I see signs everywhere about 'need a land line? cant afford it?' and those signs are for ATT. They are giving them 'free' phone service and collecting $50 from the USF for that basic residential analog POTS line. The original intent was similar to those rural electrification subsidies. Those days are long gone. Now its just another nightmare like those medicare scams "If you have medicare and want one of these motorized carts, you cant be denied for any reason" even if you happen to be on medicare but just ran the Boston marathon.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 5, Informative) 349 349

That was its old use... havent you read up on the USF being applied to internet connectivity? It currently is only levied on interstate long distance. You do realize that in 2003 it was only 5% and now its 16.3% right?

I know of one company scamming the USF right now. He claims its all legal, but he sells phone service to nursing homes. Why a phone company should be getting $4000 a month to deliver a single PRI to a nursing home is ridiculous, but he charges for a dedicated line in each and every room of the facility and only drops in a single PRI. The concurrent call count for all the rooms combined is maybe 6 including the nursing staff using the phones. So to defraud the government for all these 'lines' that dont really exist is insane.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 1) 349 349

the roku screensaver is effective and simple.. its the word ROKU moving from spot to spot on the screen every 10 seconds or so. I see no reason to have anything more elaborate. A blank screen could be confusing when switching inputs and you want confirmation that its working without having to go find the damn remote.. seeing that floating ROKU tells me I switched over to that input, or it tells me my harmony remote is confused and i need to use its 'help' button to get it back in sync with the input the TV is really on.

Comment: Re:It's 2014 (Score 5, Informative) 349 349

you are already paying for this... SEVERAL times the goddamn major TELCO's lobbied congress for additional charges...


these all exist so the FCC can give ATT more money to build broadband to every home. Yes the USF predates the 1994 telecom act and later laws, but its constanty evolving. The FCC, right this minute, is considering USF charges on your internet connection as well.

the telcos got government permission to bill you and everyone else extra BILLIONS to build out an infrastructure that was supposed to provide 50Mbps connections to the homes. Instead they rolled out DSL (at the time 1.5mbps x 256kbps) which was a technology they already had and pocketed the rest. To this day you are still being charged these extra fee's for a buildout that was declared 'completed' years ago.

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