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Comment Density isn't always the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 135

Increasing disk density only solves a handful of problems. Unfortunately it can create more problems as well. As disk size increases, more and more applications will become io bound due to contending for the same piece of metal. For many, if not most, organizations that need large amounts of data, increasing per disk density is pointless unless new technology can be introduced to retrieve it at an exponentially faster rate.

Submission Bloodiest tech industry layoffs of 2011->

alphadogg writes: Job cuts in the U.S. technology industry in 2011 are down significantly from a year ago and turnover levels in IT shops have returned to pre-recessionary levels, but that doesn’t make the tens of thousands of people in the United States who have been laid off from electronics, telecommunications and computer industry jobs feel much better. Cisco, RIM, Nokia and others have led the way this year in whacking jobs at IT companies.
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Submission Godfather of Xen on why virtualzation means everyt->

coondoggie writes: "While conventional wisdom says virtualized environments and public clouds create massive security headaches, the godfather of Xen, the open source hypervisor, says virtualization actually holds a key to better security. Isolation — the ability to restrict what computing goes on in a given context — is a fundamental characteristic of virtualization that can be exploited to improve trustworthiness of processes on a physical system even if other processes have been compromised, says Simon Crosby, a creator of Xen and a founder of startup Bromium, which is looking to use Xen features to boost security."
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Comment Re:What the...? (Score 1) 94

500,000,000 downloads... 300,000,000 minutes... 0.6 minutes played per download? These numbers must include trials and people re-downloading on new phones. I'd be more interested in the number who have PURCHASED Angry Birds.

Good thing the 300 million minutes of Angry Birds daily..

My guess is that people play the game on days other than that on which it was downloaded.

Comment Re:Use it in orbit (Score 1) 481

That would make sense if they were building things in space made out of ore. Unfortunately, metallurgy requires space, equipment, materials, manpower, fuel, etc. You would also have to deal with having to transport alloying materials to space unless you had some knowledge of other asteroids with appropriate composition.

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