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by dywolf (#48469463) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

have you seen how they do it? around here they dont come out with chainsaws and trimmers.

they use a tree grinder: an oversided brush cutter on the end of a cherry picker arm. and they just go at the tree til the wires are clear.

instead of neat cuts and easily disposed limbs, it leaves the trees looking like a mangled mess, with trunk ends splintered and cracked.
and a ton of small chunks and shards of wood laying on the ground.....that they also dont clean up, but leave behind.

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by dywolf (#48469041) Attached to: Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm

No im not forgetting anything. the CDC's definition and list of procedures is all but irrelevent if the people performing it arent adequately trained and prepared, as was the case at the Texas hospital. again, the blame lies in the local hospital making a series of errors and mistakes. an expert giving you advice directions is all but irrelevent if you dont listen him, which is pretty much the core point i was making.

as for luck, we have been lucky only in the fact its rarely travelled outside Africa. our ability to deal with the disease depends drastically ont he quality of hte health system being used. but you missed that as well: there is a vast difference between capability of the health care systems in the affected African countries and the health care systems of Europe and the US.

They often lack adequate space over there, quickly running out of space to put the patients. Many patients get treated at home, with and by familiy members.
They lack funding.
They lack even basic drugs to control blood pressure, a core part of helping the body fight the disease, and something even the smalled outpatient clinics have access to.
And msot importantly, they lack doctors and nurses, personal to actually treat the sick. We have 2.5 doctors per 1000 people in the US. In Liberia they have 0.014 per 1000, or 1.4 doctors for every 100k people.

These are things that we take for granted, but they dont have over there, which makes fighting the disease harder and is why they get overwhelmed.
That's the point: it has a really high mortality Africa.

But it's long been held that our systems being better equipped, better staffed, and better prepared, would haev much much more success in fighting any outbreak. And while the sample size is still small, it has thus far been born out.

Because its not yet a matter of the curing the disease.
The best tool in fighting Ebola is still our own body's immune system.
The trick is keeping it healthy and strong enough to be able to fight off the infection (thats where those blood pressure meds come in, as BP can plummet as organs struggle and fail, causing a cascade failure in the body). And our health care systems are simply better equipped for that.

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by dywolf (#48468211) Attached to: Hacker Threatened With 44 Felony Charges Escapes With Misdemeanor

That's the whole point in throwing the boko at someone and then extracting a plea deal.
To get you to admit guilt, even if there is none, to aoid the possibility of spending a lifetime behind bars if you should lose an actual court case.
Our jails arent overstuffed because of trials and convictions, but because of plea deals.

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by dywolf (#48466871) Attached to: Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm

BTW, have you heard? The new Benghazi report is out.
And Fox has already uncovered the sorry truth:
The White House has apparently gotten to the House GOP somehow, and made them part of the conspiracy/coverup.
This thing runs so deep that even Mike Rogers and Darrel Issa are part of it!

I mean, it's the only way to explain a final report that debunks rather than confirms all their conspiracy theories about the incident.

And its just amazing how competent and clever at conspriacies this incomepetent and ignorant adminstration is.

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by dywolf (#48466829) Attached to: Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm

unfortunateley, while Fox was the epicenter of the worst of the nutjobbery, everyone got in on the act.

and Fox actually had one of the shining lights of rationality in Shep Smith.
its just too bad his fellow employees didnt listen to him, and kept spouting crackpotterys about how Obama wanted us to be infected to make us feel Africa's pain....

But Shep Smith has a sort of record for being that voice ( ), and its a bit amazing that he still has his job after not towing the company line. Like when he went off on another Fox guy for condoning and dismissing torture.

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by dywolf (#48466697) Attached to: Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm

...since it's no longer the crisis du jour.

What with the elections over, everyone stopped talking about it.
Like it magically no longer mattered. And the disease just went away.
(of course, it'll raging in Africa...but apparently we dont care about that)

And the promised massive epidemic sweeping the nation....never materialized.
Why, it's almost like all those people at the CDC....they actually knew what they were talking about....after 40 years of experience....

I'm just shocked. Absolutely shocked that a virus whos primary factor in transmission is poor hygeine in poor countries couldnt stand up to the healthcare system in an advanced nation...or even the US*. And all that fear mongering, and calls for travels bans, and mandatory quarentines for people who werent sick wasnt necessary.


Hmmm. I wonder if the talking heads and politicians will ever get around to admitting they were wrong, and apologizing.

(*its a joke! lighten up)

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To be fair, you're A Moron.

That is a compelling argument. I yeild to your obviously superior rhetorical skills that oh so obviously counter actual knowledge of military EMP devices.

But seriously. You should really stop listening to to Alex Jones and Infowars (yes, Im aware of who fear mongers over solar super storms and specifically name drops the Carrington Event). Satellite would suffer damage. It would blow some of the main grid transformers, maybe. We wouldnt have lights or A/C for a week, maybe two, in regions of the country...maybe. But it definitely wouldnt be the dark ages. People wouldnt starve. Civilization wouldnt collapse. Its even unlikely that people would die in hospitals.

Unfortunately, my response isnt the common one: yours is. IE, the response informed by bad hollywood movies, bad science, the "History" Channel, and crackpots like Alex Jones.

Further reading for the ignorant such as yourself:
It even addresses The Newt's bill specifically.

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by dywolf (#48466125) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

To be fair, its The Newt.
Nobody sane pays any attention to The Newt.

For example: EMPs as a weapon are STILL not a credible threat. The chief and primary way to even create an EMP of sufficient power to pose a threat is a nuclear device....which means you have bigger problems. Experimental and protoype EMPs such as may be carried by a cruise missle, or other non-nuclear delivery vehicle, are too small to pose any threat, and only sufficient for a very localized effect. IE, no starvation.

In short: The Newt's EMP bill was just more of his typical trademarked political silliness.

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Not cost effective.....Wrong. That's a misconception that needs to go away.

It would actually be more cost effective for the US. Europe as a whole is pretty much the same size as the US. And its by and large powered by buried cables. But rather than a single government, there's about 50. Which increases the costs in comparison with what a single government could accomplish thanks to economies of scale and better leveraging power in negotiating the work.

The short version is that nearly every "but the US is special" excuse for not doing something is total utter garbage.


Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change 628

Posted by timothy
from the mined-all-mined dept.
_Sharp'r_ writes Two Stanford PhDs, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, worked for Google on the RE<C project to figure out how to make renewables cheaper than coal and solve climate change. After four years of study they gave up, determining "Renewable energy technologies simply won't work; we need a fundamentally different approach." As a result, is nuclear going to be acknowledged as the future of energy production?

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by dywolf (#48458769) Attached to: How the World's Agricultural Boom Has Changed CO2 Cycles

In fact, let me expand further on that Iteritive part, as it refers both to the process of refining the models, but also to the models themselves.
and better explains how you ( Curunir_wolf ) are wrong.

Again referecing the quoted text:

Climate models, however, cannot predict the timing and intensity of La Niña and El Niño, natural cycles that greatly affect global temperature in the short-term by dictating the amount of heat available at the ocean surface.
By failing to account for these and other factors, the CMIP5 collection of climate models erroneously simulate more warming of Earth's surface than would be expected.
When the input into the climate models is adjusted to take into consideration both the warming and cooling influences on the climate that actually occurred, the models demonstrate remarkable agreement with the observed surface warming in the last 16 years.

That last statement is the important part.
The models themselves are iteritive. That means starting at say the year 1900 the model simulates a period of time, lets say one year. Its given a starting condition and then spits out an end state after one year. That end state then becomes the starting condition for the next iteration for the next simulated year. And so on down the road.

This leads to to a Garbage In, Garbage Out situation. Which is where that article about the mismatch and overestimation between models and observations caused by things like El Nino comes in. Because those events arent predictable they werent well represented in the models that paper examined. This led to a mismatch in the starting conditions the model would use and actual observations, resulting in an expectation that would deviant from observations, and that deviation would grow over time as more events occured. Basically we're talking a compounding error over time (or how 0.0005 arc seconds of angle deviation in a line produces no discernible deviation over very short distances, but stretched out to a few light years, and the deviation becomes quite significant).

And thats what those articles in skeptical science were showing: that when initial starting conditions for runs of the model covering periods of time immediately after such unpredictable events in the real world were adjusted to account for such events, ie include them in the starting conditions for the next run, the model's predictions were brought in line with observations.

But like I said.
You didnt bother to read the articles.
So you missed that part.

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by dywolf (#48458069) Attached to: How the World's Agricultural Boom Has Changed CO2 Cycles

No, because its not true, for all the reasons i just stated int he other post. ie, you linked to something based on the title without understanding what it was saying, and without realizing that the provided links already addressed what you tried to say and accomplish.

and yes, there very much IS a correlation between temps and CO2. therefore, your assertion cannot be acknoledged, and to state otherwise at this point is to blatantly lie.
ie, you are lying. and you are a crackpot.

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