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Submission + - Geocentrists: Galileo Wrong, Catholic Church Right

rollcall writes: "Galileo Was Wrong" is an inaugural conference aimed to discuss the "detailed and comprehensive treatment of the scientific evidence supporting Geocentrism, the academic belief that the Earth is immobile in the center of the universe." The geocentrists argue that "Scientific evidence available to us within the last 100 years that was not available during Galileo's confrontation shows that the [Catholic] Church's position on the immobility of the Earth is not only scientifically supportable, but it is the most stable model of the universe and the one which best answers all the evidence we see in the cosmos." I, like many of you, am scratching my head wondering how people still think this way. Unfortunately, there is still a significant minority of Western people who believe that the Earth is the center of the universe: 18% of Americans, 16% of Germans, and 19% of Britons.

Submission + - Vista the most secure OS (according to Microsoft) 2

Stony Stevenson writes: A new report from Microsoft claims that Vista is proving to be the most secure version of the Windows to date. But whether that's beacuse of those annoying security popups remains to be seen. Windows Vista also exhibited fewer vulnerabilities than other operating systems over a one year period. The report claims that there were 36 vulnerabilities fixed in Windows Vista during its first year, compared to 65 in Windows XP, 360 in Red Hat RHEL4 reduced, 224 in Ubuntu 6.06 LTS reduced, and 116 in Mac OS X 10.4, also known as Tiger.

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