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Comment Re:I don't dislike Valve (Score 1) 102

I...I genuinely don't know where you got that notion from.

That aside, I'd much rather pay $2.00 to sit down and watch a cheesy movie with some friends I'll never watch again than $15.99 for a DVD that takes up space, but I seldom ever watch something twice. Music is a different story altogether.

Comment Re:I don't dislike Valve (Score 1) 102

That makes sense. That's how it works for me for movies and shows. I don't really even have any DVDs because of services like Netflix and Amazon. The issue for me is that I already have the infrastructure in place for music. I have my backed up mp3 collection, organized better than they'd probably let me on their service.

I've looked into other cloud services too. I have a google music account with my music uploaded there, but it's generally inferior to the local player. Somewhere in the last 5 years or so, we decided that features like virtualizers weren't necessary. That's usually a dealbreaker for me.

Apologies if I come out ranty. Pulled an all nighter for work so I'm not entirely lucid.

Comment Re:I'm somewhat disturbed... (Score 2) 264

I have three "credit cards". I have a bank debit card, a paypal debit card, and then a credit card that's an actual credit card.

Technically if you count the cheesy ass HSA debit card that my employer considers "health insurance", then I've got four. Only one of them is a "real" credit card (as in, buying things on money I don't have).

Comment Re:unpopular view: Treason, Jail. For him, and Oba (Score 1) 822

Both guilty of Treason, failure to protect the constitution and deserve 10 lifetimes in jail. I have no doubt his actions will cost millions of human lives over the next 50 years.

A strange world is one where we're prosecuting people for crimes they've not yet committed...

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