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Submission + - Android still king of the US smartphone Market (blogspot.com)

ansorry writes: A recent study from the NPD Group, a leading market research company, says that Google's platform continues to be the leader in the US smartphone market. As it comes as no surprise, Android has been registered an increase in Q2 of 2011 along with its competitor, Apple.

The scores show 52 percents of units sold in the mentioned perios, while Apple's iPhone OS (iOS) gained 29 percent. As for the rest of platforms, Blackberry OS held 11 percent and webOS, Microsoft's WP7 and Windows Mobile, all managed to reach merely 5 percent of the market each.

Excepting these numbers, the NDP Group mentioned that recent Google's acquisition, Motorola mobile department, will be facing tough competition in the handset-patent area with its operating system rivals. Regarding Motorola's overall mobile phone market share, it saw a 3 percent points decline, from 12 percent in Q2 2010 to 9 percent in Q2 2011.

With Android rapidly growing day by day and the new partnership, we could see Motorola facing very well tough competition from Samsung or LG in the smartphone market.

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