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Comment: What OSS software did you last use? (Score 1) 151

by dybvandal (#32793854) Attached to: Finding Open Source Projects Looking For Help?
Seems like these projects are the first to check out. Subscribe to their mailinglist and IRC channels to get a feel for how the projects works and if you feel like it could be fun to be part of said project. This way you will also figure out who the people are to talk to to get your started. Other than that if you have some heros, start following them on twitter. I am sure they will frequently mention interesting OSS projects they are checking out or that they are contributing to. Finally you could consider joining on the development of Could be a fund project with learning opportunities expanding the Solr driven search, adding data mining tools to expand the content, coming up with ways to integrate expert user feedback into the editorial process, maybe work on SEO aspects etc. All the while doing something that could really make a difference in the world, aka making UN resolutions more accessible to the world. Check out for the source code:

Comment: Compiler clause missing from FOSS licenses (Score 1) 782

by dybvandal (#28909713) Attached to: The Ethics of Selling GPLed Software For the iPhone
To me one of the general short comings of FOSS licenses is the question of the compiler. To me something is only truely FOSS if along with the binary I get I also have access to a compiler that is available under a FOSS license and the compiler flags. Anything else may be readable in source, but simply not really enabling me to reproduce the binary in the original or in a slightly altered way.

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