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Comment: Re:Silence is golden (Score 4, Interesting) 375

by dxkelly (#39055453) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tech Manufacturers With Better Labor Practices?

That doesn't excuse it. If slavery is required to make cell phones at a reasonable price then we'll have to do without.
"I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process." -- Benjamin Harrison 23rd President


+ - Biodegradable, biocompatible "Shrilk" is a potenti->

Submitted by cylonlover
cylonlover writes: Arthropods — that's spiders, insects and crustaceans, have provided inspiration for a new material that is cheap to produce, biodegradable, and biocompatible. Its creators say the material, dubbed "Shrilk," has the potential to replace plastics in consumer products and could also be used safely in a variety of medical applications, such as suturing wounds or serving as scaffolding for tissue regeneration.
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Ocean-Crossing Dragonflies Discovered 95

Posted by samzenpus
from the incredible-journey dept.
grrlscientist writes "While living and working as a marine biologist in Maldives, Charles Anderson noticed sudden explosions of dragonflies at certain times of year. He explains how he carefully tracked the path of a plain, little dragonfly called the Globe Skimmer, Pantala flavescens, only to discover that it had the longest migratory journey of any insect in the world."

Comment: Re:Title misleading, er, totally wrong (Score 1) 273

by dxkelly (#28816401) Attached to: Microsoft Exec Says, "You'll Miss Vista"

I don't know why so many people hate vista. My own experience has been positive. Of course I don't build my own box and struggle to find device drivers for obscure hardware. My laptop came from Wal-Mart and "just worked".
I wonder how many people who hate vista have actually used it much since it came out. I hated XP when it first came out. I cursed it daily. But after the bugs were ironed out it was great. I think Vista is the same way. I don't believe this box has ever BSOD'd. Applications and one driver have failed without bringing down the OS. I don't know how long of an uptime I can get because I used to shutdown daily before installing BOINC but I've ran it for days recently with no signs of slowdown or instability.


Aussie Government Offers $40M To Build a Bionic Eye 89

Posted by timothy
from the the-6-million-dollar-man-should-cash-in dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Australian Government is keen to replicate the success of the Cochlear Implant (bionic ear) by throwing AU$50M (US$40M) of funding at the development of a bionic eye. Bionic eyes have been trialed with some success in the UK — with recipients able to detect senses of shape and space, but very little detail."

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