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Comment: implicit mindset (Score 1) 423

by dwpbike (#33043216) Attached to: Jailbreaking iPhone Now Legal
doesn't the purchase of an i-phone/pod/pad/whatever indicate a certain herd mentality? the apple marketing dept has insured you get the feeling of being a free thinking, independent consumer, but with the safety of numbers. if the app doesn't come from apple, how can it be good or viable? the price paid for an apple product indicates there is no economic incentive to jailbreak. so the rebels must comprised of gift recipients/award winners, etc. i'm sure apple will have a plan - expiration on gift products?

Porn Sites Still Exposed In China 132

Posted by Soulskill
from the burning-firewall-of-love dept.
crimeandpunishment writes "Could it be that internet censorship in China has a pecking order? Politics and human rights are bad — but porn is okay? The porn sites that suddenly popped up in China two months ago are still accessible, leaving people wondering if it's a change in policy, a glitch, or maybe a test by the Chinese Internet police. The Chinese government isn't saying, but one Internet analyst speculates, 'Maybe they are thinking that if Internet users have some porn to look at, then they won't pay so much attention to political matters.'"

Building a $200 Linux PC 300

Posted by Soulskill
from the cost-of-a-cheap-tux dept.
WesternActor writes "Computers are getting cheaper to buy every year, but there are still sometimes advantages to building them yourself. ExtremeTech has a story about how they sought out the parts for a $200 computer that (of course) runs Linux as a way of breaking the budget barrier. They even test it against a commercially available eMachines nettop to see how it compares in terms of performance. This probably isn't something everyone will want to do, but it's an interesting example of something you can do on the cheap if you put your mind to it."

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