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Comment: powerhouse vs marketing (Score 0) 217

by dwntwnboi (#13803751) Attached to: Is There a Future for Indie Games?
web marketing just isn't powerful enough to compete. with tv and print ads *in addition* to web ads, big companies can drown most anyone out. however, with some clever viral marketing and a truly high-quality game, then enough buzz would be created to generate competative sales initially. that's why it has to be really good. so people will keep wanting it and talking about it. when the initial buzz wears off, you don't want it to die immediately. you need the goodness of the game to keep people talking and wanting, buying and playing.

great support, a good sales mechanism, and making product demos are all very important as well. if it's some new game and people can't tell you about problems they (and possibly many others) are having, then you can't fix the problem. if they can't buy it easily, most will give up. if they get to play a little for free, if the get a taste, then they'll want more.

with the right combination of marketing, you can achieve success. but the same level? ooo, hmmm... it would have to be a really good game. just like music sales for web-based indie musicians and video sales for web-based videographers.

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