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Comment: Re:50% less destructible (Score 1) 495

by dwightk (#45577351) Attached to: I wish my cell phone was...

If you break an external case for your phone you can usually buy a new case for much less than the cost of a new phone, if you happen to break your "indestructible" phone you have to buy a new phone.

Screen protectors are pretty worthless (at least in my experience)

I also use no case (or a minimal case from time to time) myself, so I'm glad that I have the option to buy a nice thin phone that isn't "indestructible"

Comment: Re: Batteries (Score 1) 477

by dwightk (#45543047) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?

Perhaps I'm weird. I've owned quite a few laptops over the past 15 years and I only once ran into insurmountable issues regarding the battery. And, now that I think about it, it wasn't actually the battery that was the issue because I bought a replacement and it still wouldn't charge, so it was something else in the power chain.

I think many other people are like me in that they have a laptop and use it quite often while plugged in. As my laptops age, I just don't count on being able to use them away from a plug for long periods of time. Outside of the one unsuccessful battery replacement I mentioned above, I've never bought a replacement battery.

I can see how it is nice for people who do use their laptops daily, but if the 1000 charge cycles hold up, that's almost 3 years. If you use a computer that much every day, you might consider a new model every once in a while.

I do think I will miss the ability to add RAM (well, not in this computer since I maxed it out when I bought it, but, the idea of being able to upgrade) but again, assuming anyone else uses their computer in a similar way to me, it isn't a huge deal.

You can be replaced by this computer.