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Comment An important point to know is that all news sites (Score 1) 183

basically only repeat and repeat the same stories from one or two press agencies. Only the shapes of sentences (and not everytime) change.

The thing is, google news makes it highly visible. Discovering that you useless hurts the feelings of the publishers - i can understand that. Obviously you need to be useful and ultimately to eat.

But force google to shut off will not solve the main problem.

Comment Re:BFD (Score 1) 351

That raises the question : is laziness a choice ? I mean, honestly. Do you never ask yourself what kind of process turns an ever-moving 2 years old kid to a lazy 25 years old man/woman ? There are a lot of things that makes you become so. Having a paid job and voting for the blue or the red (if you can make a difference between the two) is a perverse form a intellectual laziness.

A slave can fight for his freedom. Some have done so in history, with various issues. But if you can't realize you're a slave... you don't even see the point of fighting. And this appears to be what your master prefers.

Comment Money for this and no money for that (Score 1) 351

This will cost money and will eventually fail. That is control and humiliation for the sake of it.

Should have this happen in North Korea, you would have considered it differently.

In our local transport system here in france, some stupid bureaucrates have decided we must "validate" our card altrough our money has been taken out of our banking account the month before ! It required a costly system, no doubt, paid twice its real value. But you have no garantee there will have a train.

Money for control, no money for service.

Comment Re:We require a new encryption scheme (Score 1) 158

About search : maybe you can permit some parts (mail addresses ? some words ? tags ?) to be indexed on the client, in an encrypted form ? To what extent it will compromise the security of a message if you know some words in it ?

Anyway, a part of a security system is simply a good memory. The most you can remember (in your head only) the better.

Still, that's simplified, but things to think about.


Submission + - Astrophysics : A 15 years old French student (

dvaldenaire writes: At only 15, Neil Ibata has just make a fantastic discovering in astrophysics. A theory that could question what we know about gravity and dark matter. His father, Rodrigo Ibata, is an astrophysician working at the Strasbourg's Space Obsevatory and study, the dwarf galaxies graviting around Andromed. He asks his kid to modelise the movements of the galaxies, and over a week-end, he discovers that they were forming a rotating disk.

Comment Re:There is nothing special about programming (Score 2) 767

From what i've seen, if " By the end, I was still worse than most people after their first year" ... basically it's not that you can't. Just that you are not passionate. And still...

I think i was HIGHLY passionate about playing music. I tried to learn. So after a few months i began to forget to train. Not deliberately, only i wake up in the morning and said : "oops i forgot to play yersteday evening". When it came to computer i never forgot... that, i think, make the difference.

The best in any field is the most OBSEDED about this field. They just can't think about something else. Hence Booby Fisher.

Comment Re:WTF. (Score 1) 616

"It also ignores that many of the same exact problems exist for Windows"

So is stated at the end of the page : "If I had to create a list of Windows problems, it would be almost as long as this one. Intrinsic Windows problems are almost impossible to fix unless...."

But it is wrong when he states : "if a comment over there gets promoted to +5 insightful it certainly means that many people share the same opinion or have the same experience." - Cause your very comment was promoted +5.

You can't be more extremist than me about linux - but i must admit it has problems. Lots. I don't suffer them because i use it the right way. I can't compare windows because i don't run it, even at work. But i do not, ever, complain. Linux is mine. If i want it to work better, i'd make it work. Or shut TF up.

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