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Comment: They failed (Score 2) 128

by dutchwhizzman (#47429453) Attached to: How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business
Try searching for *anything* on Google search. Over half of the results are commercial, even if you're not looking for a commercial thing. Either they failed, or they are in it for the advertisements after all. If google had balls, they'd blacklist any company that pops up with a commercial result (that they didn't get paid for) for non commercial searches. I suppose it would backlash so hard they don't want to put in the effort, or they actually failed at it.

Comment: That doesn't work (Score 1) 226

by dutchwhizzman (#47413045) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

"resetting" your phone to manufacturer settings doesn't wipe any data. Even manually "deleting" it and then "resetting" the phone doesn't do that. It merely marks the flash memory in the phone to be "reusable".

The only way to make sure the data is gone is to fill the phone up with garbage data after you've done a factory reset so there is something else written to the flash memory. After you've filled it up to the last bit, do another factory reset and you will be as close as you can get without destroying the physical device to wiping your data properly.

Comment: Nothing New, not relevant (Score 2) 122

There are plenty of development boards that come as a base board with several CPU/RAM options on a daughter card. Just the fact that it fits in a raspberry pi case may make it a bit more interesting for some people. However, if you're truly into developing, you're either going to stick with the pi or get the board with the hardware specs you need and not worry about the form factor. If you're into the Pi as a consumer, it's most likely because of it's media playing capabilities. Unless this board will support XBMC with proper hardware acceleration, it's not going to be relevant for those folks either.

Comment: The companies are merely hindring themselves (Score 1) 370

by dutchwhizzman (#47292261) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry
By severely limiting the type of candidate they are willing to consider, the companies are limiting themselves to a very strict model that will not allow for "star performers" to do well in that company. They will be limited to quickly going through new hires and only keeping the mediocre ones. The bad ones get fired and the good ones move on to greener pastures. This will make the whole group perform below average and recruiting costs will remain high. I don't see a need to regulate this, since the job market tends to regulate itself quite well because of this. By the way, this isn't limited to age, but also applies to gender, education, nationality and ethnicity.

Comment: Instant doesn't always work either (Score 1) 240

We had polaroid and competing instant photo's back in the seventies and eighties as well. Those were used by professional photographers to check if what they envisioned was what was going to happen on print/film and not just by people taking snapshots.

The screen on the back of your camera will tell you something about your picture, but in no way will it tell you if you've made a successful photograph without already knowing what to look for and how to achieve it first. It can help you quickly adjust your exposure settings, if you zoom in you can see if you have your focus sorted out and if you have motion blur. You can watch the edges of your image to see if you've framed your shot properly and the tiny image will give you clues about your composition.

You have to know all this stuff already in order to be able to judge the picture you just took and it will take you probably about a minute to do so. During that minute, you have no time to take additional shots, while often "the good stuff" is happening right in front of you.

I have many images taken during many shoots that looked "great" on the back of the camera, but once I got back home and looked at them at a larger screen and started processing them, turned out to need a lot of work and often were mediocre at best. There are some things that a digital camera will give you instant feedback on, but having to be way more convinced about your shot because it will cost you one of your precious 36 exposures will make you take better shots just as much, albeit based on different presumptions and criteria. In the end, having to wait for the final results before you can make your ultimate judgment on your picture applies to both.

If anything, digital allows you to take more shots for the same money spent on equipment and materials and the tooling gives you much more ways to repair or improve the initial image captured. With film, you can develop the film only once and then you'll have to figure out the correct sequence and timing for how you will be exposing your print. This means that you have an extra "point of no return" in developing the film and physical limitations in what you can do exposing your print. In practice, that means that if shot digitally in RAW, you can get away with messing up your exposure a whole lot more and in post processing, you can "develop your film" differently for different parts of your image. Once you're there, you can do the same for the development of your "print", not being limited by the amount of time and how much you can burn and dodge areas of your image.

Comment: Unfair competition clause is going to bite Google (Score 2) 364

Hello Google. How the fsck do you think this won't get you large fines for unfair competition practices in the European Union? By forcing people to have you represent them, you are being unfair competition to other streaming web sites and small record labels. You may have oodles of lawyers up your sleeve, but even they won't be able to get away with this in the EU.

Comment: Times spun up was a factor too (Score 2) 164

by dutchwhizzman (#47252079) Attached to: Endurance Experiment Writes One Petabyte To Six Consumer SSDs

Stopping and starting a drive is also a moment where you can break/wear down a drive. This can be explained by the fact that heads rest on platters (unless in parked position) when the platters are not spinning at the right speed. Also, because a drive that is being spun down will cool down and warm up again when being spun up. These temperature fluctuations will be of influence on the drive reliability. The most plausible explanation I can come up with is that temperature shifts will make parts inside the drive align differently, possibly permanently changing alignment enough for head-misalignment to occur.

Comment: Can't migrate just yet (Score 1) 250

Migrating those services would mean shutting off IPv4.

That would mean that every customer that would want to access these services, would have to have IPv6 connectivity. If anything, MicroSoft should encourage their customers to get IPv6 connected, so they can eventually shut off the IPv4 connectivity for their services.

Given the time frame they'll have to observe for their Enterprise customers, an announcement to do the shut down would have to be at least 3 years prior to the shut down date. They can't get away with shutting off more than say 5% of their customers with an action like this, so they can't do that until they have a good indication at what date over 95% of the internet globally will have IPv6 connectivity. Even if the entire planet will start trying to accomplish that really hard all of a sudden, it will be at least two years before the bulk of it will have end to end facilities for IPv6 in place.

This puts a realistic time frame of at least 4, probably more like 5 to 7 years on your suggestion to "migrate to IPv6 so they can free up IPv4 space". That's hardly a solution for a problem they are facing right now, is it?

Comment: Not just Google (Score 1) 250

This trend is annoyingly spreading to a lot of websites and software vendors. "Hey, I see you have a public IP that's located in some tiny country with an obscure language. Let's assume you want to use their language, never mind your preferences set in your web browser or the language setting of the OS you have installed." Naming and shaming here not just Google, but Adobe, LibreOffice and Avast as well. Got more offenders to add? Please do.

Comment: It's not about in transit or use (Score 1) 75

This encryption is about protecting data against theft of storage, or accidental loss of unwiped storage due to for instance upgrading hardware by Amazon and disks not being wiped/destroyed before they are sent off to be recycled. At the time that you are actually working with your data, it will be unencrypted and the keys to unencrypt will have to be on their systems. That means there is no way you can have your processing in the cloud happening without working with unencrypted data.

By not having Amazon use their "default" keys to encrypt data, you are ensuring that some thief that somehow got their hands on Amazon's "default" key, can now decrypt stolen/found/bought storage with your data on it. This *is* an improvement over the previous situation. For all other situations that people are talking about, the encryption that was and is in use does not apply at all.

Comment: Please make it a mental one (Score 4, Insightful) 625

by dutchwhizzman (#47227397) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

Obesity is a mental disability, most often an addiction to a wrong diet containing many addictive ingredients.

The way most people feed themselves is by stuffing enormous amounts of carbs, often a lot of them sugars in their face. Combine those with a little fat and all your body does is store fat and try and balance the glucose content of your blood. The carbs make your gut bacteria generate "happy hormones" that get in your blood, making you hungry and cranky if you don't get your fix, whether your body actually needs food or not.

The symptoms of this addiction are obesity and diabetes type 2. Please treat it as an addiction, not as a phyisical disability. If you do that, for example being taller than 6ft5 should be treated as a disability too and be given all benefits that should come with such a status. If being a size that's outside of what society will cater for is a reason to call people disabled.

Tall people can't help being tall, fat people in over 95% of the cases can help it if they kick the habit. If you treat obesity as a physical disability, you are insulting everyone with a physical disability for which there is no cure.

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