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Submission + - What's really behind iPhone Error 53 -- and how can you fix it? (

Mark Wilson writes: If you have an interest in Apple, or smartphones in general — or even if you just follow tech news — you can't help but have heard about the Error 53 problem that's affecting some iPhone users. In short, it seemed that people who had used non-authorized repairers to fix their home button ended up with a bricked phone after installing the latest iOS update.

This led to vocal outcries from not just upset iPhone owners, but also the tech community as a whole. Apple responded by saying that Error 53 was to "protect our customers", but what’s the real story? Is Apple really penalizing people who don’t take their iPhone to an Apple Store for repair? And, more importantly, what can you do if your iPhone has been bricked by Error 53?

Submission + - After Avast & Comodo, It's Now Steam's Turn to Use an Insecure Chromium Vers (

An anonymous reader writes: After the Avast (Avastium) and the Comodo (Chromodo) debacles, it's now Valve's turn to be shamed, as the Steam client is using an outdated Chromium version, and also runs with the --no-sandbox flag, eliminating a key security feature, and allowing attacks to trickle down from the Web page to the underlying operating system.

Comment Re:Corruption at every level (Score 1) 133

Ok, I'll explain it to you in a way that makes it easier to understand for somebody who is hang up on the idea that either everything should be provided or nothing at all.

A person can offer you to use his kitchen for free to cook your food if you have no kitchen but in exchange for the free use of his kitchen you have to buy groceries from that person. You could say that the person is running a grocery store and the price of using the 'free' kitchen is included in the price of the groceries.

I can extend this further: you are going to a restaurant and you are not bringing your own food with you, you are getting the nice restaurant experience (the interior, the music, the ambient lighting, the climate, whatever) but you are buying the food from the restaurant, you are not allowed to bring your own with you to eat there.

There is nothing at all wrong with a business model that is offering you a SPECIFIC THING and not other things. Of-course in the so called 'freest country on Earth' this idea is long gone after Obama forced the insurance companies to provide insurance plans that include specific things in them, making it illegal to provide insurance plans without those types of things.

Government interference is bad for the market, not good. If somebody is offering a product, as a potential customer it is your choice to take the product or not to take the product. If the price is 'free' but the government says that this product cannot be provided under those specific conditions, you will not get that product at all.

Is it better for you to get a product with limited functionality than no product at all? You decide, but instead of leaving it up to you, the government says: you cannot decide, you are too stupid to decide, you are too ignorant to decide, you are too childish to decide, et.

That's government oppression, not freedom.

Comment Re:The one lesson developers should learn (Score 1) 39

There is nothing wrong to "depend on other people's servers" as long as you have a contract, an SLA in place. To depend on other people's servers is perfectly fine as long as there is an understanding on both sides what that means exactly.

To depend on the servers of people who don't owe you anything and to who you don't owe anything either, that's a different story.

Comment merging threads (Score 1) 1836

Well, I am going to throw it out there, I actually came up with this idea years ago but only implemented a version of it for a client of mine, who decided not to use the feature in the forum that we created for their system. However just a thought, maybe it could be done here and maybe it could have a positive result.

The idea is that often the same question is posed or a statement is made across multiple threads and the answer to all of those could be the same exact one, so why repost the same comment over and over?

The design idea that I came up with and we implemented was to mark a number of comments and then write one reply instead of many replies. Then each one of those parent comments would have a reply to it, that would indicate that this is a merged reply.

Leaving more comments on this merged reply actually moves the conversation to the merged thread instead of keeping individual replies to the merged comment in their individual threads.

I think it's useful, others may disagree.

Oh, also metamoderation - it doesn't work here. People really should have to justify 'Troll' or 'Flamebait' or 'Overrated' because it's easy to use those simply to shut down an opinion.

Comment Waiting for a reaction... (Score -1, Flamebait) 204

I can guess what the reaction is going to be by an average person and I must say that it is justified to react in a reactive manner.

I used to advocate only for banning of copyrights and patents here (and everywhere I can) but I must admit, this makes me want to include trademarks into that list as well, at least trademarks on common words.

This is about using government oppression (a redundant statement, government is oppression, that's all it is) to prevent people from putting titles on things such as: 'mom reacts to ... a spider'.

I mean 'American funniest home videos' can most definitely claim prior art and really anybody who is older than these guys can claim prior act, that's what 1st of April is about - reactions.

But of-course there will be those who will say: banning copyrights, patents, trademarks and really any government protection for things is insane, who would ever create anything if government wouldn't protect them. I will tell you this: you are the scorn of this civilization, brainless zombies. Government is oppression, all it does it steals, it doesn't give you anything because it has nothing to give (at least nothing it didn't steal first). Using government for market protections is using the biggest Mafia guy around for market protection, it is morally wrong and economically stupid at every level and it is counterproductive for the society.

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 4, Insightful) 127

What Rei said. We spend so much time (and by "we" I mean "people in the so-called First World but especially the U.S.") complaining about what we don't have, we forget how much we DO have, and what we HAVE accomplished — "we" in this case being "humanity." There's a lot to appreciate, which is why I like hearing about these advances.

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