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Comment: Re:Automated hate? (Score 5, Funny) 541

by durrr (#48211767) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

No, the bot should be liable: we need to re-instate trials and executions against non-humans again.
>Judge: "This computer have been found guilty of indiscriminate hatred against millions of people and shall be hanged by the FSB until dead! Do you have any last words?"
>[microsoft sam tts]: You can kill my Process, but you can't kill my open-sourced code!
>Digital rights activist: "FSB Hanging is cruel and unsual punishment! at least we could use the more humane option of SQL injections!"

Comment: Hypocrisy (Score 4, Insightful) 541

by durrr (#48211547) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

Lets censor and police the internet not because of bomb and drugmaking tutorials and terrorism forums.
Lets do it because someone might insult females online.

Every single person that have spent any extended time online in an environment where you communicate anonymously with strangers have been insulted, harassed and so on. It happens because you eventually end up in a competitive situation(games or arguments).

But of course when xXxPonyWarrior2002xXx calls me a 'shit-eathing motherfucking fag-whore' and wishes me death from cancer and fire simultaneously it's friendly banter between two men. But when he calls GamurGrrl99 a slut it's suddenly a confirmation that all men are misgyonistic pigs and that we can't have such a thing as a free internet anymore because it's full of heartless trolls.

Comment: Re:Too bad... (Score 5, Insightful) 610

by durrr (#48138021) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows

"This project was carried out and authored by Ecofys. "
"Ecofys is a leading knowledge and innovation company in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change."

How surprising that a report written by a renewable energy company found out that renewable energy is best energy.

Comment: Re:More feminist bullshit (Score 2, Insightful) 728

by durrr (#48111073) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

This is not a problem exclusive to women.
As a man you can also get your life disrupted by death threats, unordered pizzas/taxis/products and doxxing.

It's probably easier to get singled out for it as a women, but if you are subject to it as a man you'll get much less support to cope with it. This is reflected in the offline world too as a MUCH higher suicide rate for men compared to women. Trying to construct this as some purely misgyonistic issue is just reinforcing the gender bias of men as some disposable soldier caste and is likely to aggrevate misgyonistic tendencies overall in society.

If you insist that this is just about females then you're a proponent for gender privlege and not equality.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 488

by durrr (#48024837) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

Investing in intermittent power sources further cuts into their profit and viability. They can't really run their solar panels at night to compensate for all the other ones dumping energy at day.

This is of course true for everoyne else too, which means off-peak energy will grow more expensive or run at loss eventually.

Comment: Re:Works particularly well in SA/Victoria (Score 2) 169

by durrr (#47981501) Attached to: South Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early

Large scale grid storage doesn't exist in a cheap and efficient manner. That's one of the core problems with wind and solar. It's great for shaving off peak demand but after a certain point it will be investments into useless overcapacity(it's also a great way to make renewables competitive with grid prices though as grid inefficiency costs are offloaded to end users)

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