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Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 396

That half of your immigrant population that comes outside EU is mostly a legacy of UK being a former empire. If skilled immigrants from the EU would have it more difficult than they have now, they will just move elsewhere where they are more welcome. I mean, why should Poles and Lithuanians go to UK if they have jump through a lot of hoops to do that if they can just as well go to USA?
And UK will just get more people from Pakistan.

And when it comes to the retirees, thanks to EU, health insurance and government pension funds are interconnected, making it easier for the retirees to live anywhere in the EU using the local services (this is why, by the way, I am going to retire to Czech Republic or Slovakia - it is very easy for a EU citizen to do and I already speak the language somewhat). For non-EU citizens using the local health services would be much more difficult.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 396

The greatest lie is a half-truth.

Greece had almost a million civil servants in 2012 and apparently even Americans know that. That is not just people working for the government, that are people with a secure job for life. The population of Greece was 11 millions in 2012. Looks like indeed 10% of greek population consists of civil servants. Labour force in Greece is about 5 millions so whooping 20% of the labour force are civil servants in Greece, not 7%.
Just FYI, Germany has the same amount of civil servants, but 8 times the population/labour force. There are more people working for the German government than that, of course, but they are just salaried employees.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 396

Poland is what they call an "asshole victim". Right after WW1 they've invaded soviet Russia and annexed half of Ukraine and Belarus, including both their capitals. And in 1938 they have helped Hitler with carving up Czechoslovakia.

The grudge between Poland and Russia is very much mutual - if you read up some history you will see that Poland and Russia fought quite a lot of wars and more often than not Poland started them.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score -1, Troll) 396

And why not? Greece does not belong into the Euro-zone because they have falsified their papers. Corruption, cheating, nepotism and tax evasion is Greek national past time after all. Greece does not belong into EU either - what other EU country does have 10% of its population as civil servants? Even Bulgaria is better than that. I think Greece better fits as a province of Turkey.

Comment: Re:Now Germany! (Score 1) 100

by dunkelfalke (#49735043) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals

led by the leftists, who were created from the remaining parts of the totalitarian SED that governed the GDR

The worst lie is a half truth. The left party was created as a fusion of PDS (itself a successor of SED, true enough) and WASG. Now WASG never had anything to do with DDR, being a party of disillusioned former social democrat party members from West Germany. This way the majority of the left party is just what SPD used to be once upon a time, but with the additional bonus of Gregor Gysi - a brilliant orator.

And no, Germany is not a colony. Germany is a vassal state.

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