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Comment: the purpose of sleep (Score 1) 164

by dumbfounder (#29544527) Attached to: Alzheimer's Disease Possibly Linked To Sleep Deprivation
The main purpose of sleep is to sort your memories and mental connections you make while conscious. As you get older, it makes sense that this becomes more difficult, because there is a lot more data to deal with. So the benefits of sleep actually increase, but for some reason it seems that older people sleep less than younger people. Sleeping is like defragging your hard drive, if you don't do it often your data becomes very fragmented. I wrote a blog entry on this a while back, and just a few months ago I was talking to someone about Alzheimers and that I thought there might be a connection. (I am no scientist, this was just my take as an information expert)

Comment: what's the prob? (Score 1) 753

by dumbfounder (#27158501) Attached to: What Has Fox Got Against Its Own Sci-Fi Shows?
I really like sci-fi and comics and all that crap, and I haven't seen Dollhouse, but I did watch the first 3 or so episodes of Fringe and I think it was pretty bad. Like a bad mix of X-Files and Lost. And it was getting terrible ratings, so why should they be faithful to it? I gave Sarah Connor an entire season and every second of it I absolutely hated. It is just a plain terrible show. Terrible dialog. Terrible writing in general. Terrible pretty much everything except hot chicks kicking ass. Which is nice and all, but eventually the stupid dialog and asinine plot lines get to you. And I love T2, and I think the premise of the series is excellent, but it just isn't well executed.

They gave Sarah Connor plenty of time to make it. Maybe they didn't give Fringe a good enough chance, not sure, but I certainly am not going to complain. If either of those shows were 1/4 as good as Alias Season 1 I would have stayed for the duration even as it declined into terribleness.

Comment: Re:Main mistake they made? (Score 1) 587

by dumbfounder (#26490821) Attached to: Circuit City Closes Its Doors For Good
I called their warranty the "Circuit City Buy Back Program" and it is probably one of the main reasons they went out of business. I got free upgrades in Laserdisc players, laptops, and other stereo equipment over the years. And if they did't have a similar item in stock, they would give you store credit. Which was basically the same as cash. (I am also from the DC area, maybe they were too nice here)

Comment: Incredibly Simple Solution (Score 1) 413

by dumbfounder (#24216219) Attached to: Fallout From the Fall of CAPTCHAs
All you have to do is put "you must be under 18 to solve this captcha" built into the captcha itself. Anyone on the porn site is over 18 because that's the law, and then they won't be allowed to solve the captcha because they are too old*!

* does not work in areas of the world where you can view porn under 18, or on anyone who lies about their age, or any porn sites where there isn't an age requirement, and it means your site won't allow any users over the age of 18 to contribute
hey, it's not perfect

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