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Comment: Good idea (Score 1) 669

Seems like a good idea to me. I think a majority of errors when ordering food at a place like McDonalds or Taco Bell comes at the interaction between the cashier taking your order and you. Think it'd be nice to just walk up to a lil screen, punch in what i want, pay, and go have a seat while waiting for them to call my number.

Someone posted about Chili's up there using some automation, now there is where I find it inappropriate. When I go to say, a "sit down and be served" restaurant, I want that wait person there doing what they're supposed to do: serve me. It is the reason i came to that kind of restaurant.

People just need to make a distinction between the kind of restaurant that is more of a self-serve, and which kind is a be-served. One can benefit from automation, the other is hurt by it.

Comment: Re:AWS (Score 1) 113

by duke_cheetah2003 (#48183007) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Hosting Service For a Parody Site?

Works both ways. Not caring means they probably won't do anything to the site unless it's actually breaking some law that could get AWS in hot water. A parody site sounds like it would be legal if a bit controversial. The poster before you mentioned Wi\kileaks getting the boot from AWS, well, Wikileaks is definitely engaged in illegal activity, so can't really say there's much surprise there.

I like AWS, I think they provide a good service and again, unless it's outright illegal, I doubt they'll do anything to your site regardless of what you put there.

OP wanted suggestions. This is mine. ^.^

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by duke_cheetah2003 (#48114305) Attached to: BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

Bittorrent users are effectively performing a denial of service attack on an entire network that doesn't belong to them.

Please explain how running a script like this, with the owners permission, makes the script-writer worse than the torrenters?

Simple. The user of this script is a criminal, violating computer hacking laws. The BitTorrent user, while LIKELY a criminal too, is not a criminal merely by using BitTorrent, where the script user is CERTAINLY a criminal. I hope the guy uses this on the wrong network and finds himself losing a lot more than his SSH connection when he gets busted for hacking people's networks.

If he has a problem with someone elses wifi, he should not take matters into his own hands, its just wrong and who knows what other traffic this 'BitHammer' is going to inadvertently reroute with this ARP poisoning.

The bottom line is: BitTorrent is not inherently wrong. This script is.

Comment: Re:Inverse Wi-fi law (Score 1) 278

by duke_cheetah2003 (#48057793) Attached to: Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots

Why is it that the most awful dumpy motels always seem to have free, open and strong wi-fi? Many don't even bother with passwords.

Yet it's the expensive name-brand boutique hotels that always charge for wi-fi. And more often not, it's terrible quality, hard to connect and slow?
And, now we see this happening. This never happens at Motel 6.

Has anyone else noticed this- that overall the cheaper and sleazier the motel, the better the wi-fi?

Simple. People who stay at economy hotels don't have a lot of money to burn. They're also noisy. So if the hotel provides crappy internet, these vocal (but economically challenged) people get online and post bad reviews.

I can speak from experience on the quality of Wifi in economy hotels. It just frickin' works, never had a problem.

I imagine the upscale hotels can get away with charging high fees for nearly useless internet because people staying there have moolah, and people whom have a lot of moolah don't waste their time posting bad reviews on the internet. I imagine a large number of these same kinds of guests probably have a wireless broadband plan on their smartphone as well, and probably don't give a rats ass about the hotel's junk wifi in the first place.

Comment: business as usual (Score 2, Insightful) 200

March all ya want, business will go on, fuels burned, industry will churn. Only thing you can vote with here is your wallet. Marching does nothing, protesting does nothing, STOP BUYING THINGS YOU DON'T NEED IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE CLIMATE.

Start by not buying the bus ticket next time to a complete waste of time, effort and energy.


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by duke_cheetah2003 (#47812473) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

THIS is the reason why Linux will never be a mainstream desktop.

You say that like it's a bad thing... I am content to have linux remain the not so user friendly power user OS it is. I'm not exactly jumping up and down for dumbing things down. Having had my first exposures to Windows 8 recently, I gotta say, it's getting frustrating how Windows is really dumbing things down and burying the fine tuning I'm used to having within easy reach.

So I really don't care if Linux makes it 'mainstream desktop' or not, especially if doing that will involve dumbing it down to Windows level.

Comment: Gotta be overhyped (Score 2) 193

by duke_cheetah2003 (#47740049) Attached to: Facebook Experimenting With Blu-ray As a Storage Medium

I dunno. I've never been pleased with the performance of optical media. I'd think being in a data center, heating up and cooling down from usage and storage is going to have very bad effects on recordable optical discs (CDs, DVDs, Blurays). Not to mention, it's always a pretty well known fact, consumer recorded media (the ones with dyes and stuff) aren't terribly reliable in the long term. My personal experience with recordable optical media is poor at best, I have very very few discs that've remained readable and error free after just five years of relatively decent care and storage. And this is not even using them every day, heating them up and cooling them down, just stored in a dark cool place.

Seems... overhyped. I simply can't come to believe this is an actual viable storage medium for any kind of large scale operation. But enh, if it works for them, good deal. Seems like you'd get more bang for your buck using high capacity tapes which hold up much better to heating up and cooling down.

The power saving claim also seems silly. This could be easy done with standard hard drives in a cartridge type system they're saying they're using, powering down unused drives and putting them into a storage position (though for me, I think it'd be much smarter to make the connector the moving part and just plug into the right bank of HDs, instead of moving HDs around in a cartridge.)

The more I think about this operation, the less intelligent and efficient it seems to be.

Comment: Re:Hamas are Terrorists (Score 2) 402

by duke_cheetah2003 (#47593791) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict

Why is it our media (even this post) always seems to portray Hamas in a positive light?

Wait a minute. Where is this summary even remotely pro-anything but technology? It's simply outlining the high tech that's being employed in this conflict, it by no means draws any conclusions of that conflict.

I personally feel the post is in just the right context for a /. article, its about technology, not about who's using it (though there's talk of who's supplied whom, but still fails to cast a good or bad tilt on it.)

Comment: Interesting technology! (Score 2) 77

by duke_cheetah2003 (#47487025) Attached to: Wearable Robot Adds Two Fingers To Your Hand

What caught my eye most about this invention is how much closer it brings us to operating HEAVY machinery by just moving our hands and the machine responds to our movements.

For me this brings exo-skeletal machines to mind as being much closer to reality, things like the loader from Aliens, the exo-combat skeletons in Matrix, etc. The applications of the tracking system exampled in the video are simply endless, from operating sci-fi constructs already mentioned, right down to more real machinery such as excavators, cranes and other construction machinery.

Looking forward to seeing who merges this stuff with heavy machinery first. ^.^

Comment: Misleading title (Score 5, Informative) 91

by duke_cheetah2003 (#47468515) Attached to: Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass

Summary and title is a bit misleading. I was eager to see what they would say about how this 'higgs boson' infers mass to other particles, but they never say anything about that, they just talk about how they found this data and how they produced the results. Maybe I missed something?

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