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Comment Communication! (Score 1) 302

The article ask us what we'd like them to do. I'd like them to call me if there's a suspicious charge on my card. Ask me about it, make sure it's ok. If I can't be reached, then sure, reverse the charge and shut off my card, but at least make an attempt to contact and verify rather than just assume!

Comment Re:Taxes (Score 1) 188

This is a Use Tax, which has been ruled legal 100 times before (perhaps hyperbole, perhaps not).

I just had to snicker when you said it was a "Use Tax", a very difficult to collect and enforce kind of tax. I lived in a state with Use Tax once.. never paid it either. Use Taxes are silly, they actually say something like if you buy a tank of gas in another state, you have to pay Use Tax on the gas you have remaining when you re-enter the state with the Use Tax. Insanity tax. Good luck with that, Chicago.

Comment No it doesn't (repost) (Score 1) 310

A small essay I wrote a few years ago:

Not a denier, but I think there's a few things to understand. One, look at the history of this world, it's atmosphere has changed composition many many times through its long history, before we were even a dream in our ancestral DNA.

Two, the amount of change occurring seems to me to vastly over stated. There's change. Sure we caused it, we're a part of this planet, our activities affect the planet. Have to a utter moron to deny that.

Three, on a whole, the big picture, civilization on the whole, is not changing, and its not going to change. We're going to keep building factories and cutting down forests. No matter how loudly you people scream, business will go on.

And most important of all! We are humans, the most adaptable creature this planet has produced so far. We will adapt to the changes around us. Also, there's this talk of 'positive feedback', a cycle has been started that feeds back on itself and grows, we have NO CLUE how to stop it, even if we stopped all emissions this very instant, the feedback loop has already begun. We will simply have to adapt now. Good thing we're the most adaptable species on the earth.

The only debatable point in this whole argument is.. how fast? Stuff is changing, the only part we can even hope to affect is how fast it's changing. Will cutting emissions slow the change? Hell if I know, I don't think anyone can answer that with any certainty. We barely understand the planetary mechanics going on around us. We like to think we do, FFS, we can't even predict the weather a week out. You expect us to predict how emissions are affecting the climate? Wishful thinking, really REALLY wishful arrogant thinking.

Of course, it's utter folly to think we can force a unchanging climate that is perfect for us, all the time, for thousands of years to come. Existence itself is defined by change. The title of a favorite song of mine sticks in my head: The only constant in the universe is change.

Comment Re:Encryption users agree: (Score 1) 221

Governments of the world must die!

As an avid user of encryption without a point (I run a lot of encryption on the net noise just cuz I can), I love it when government get all in a panty-twist about it. Raise the awareness, make more people understand it's usefulness. Get the hell out of my communications.

Comment Re:Just wondering (Score 1) 227

They use a set of well known frequencies, usually 2.4Ghz WiFi or the old model aircraft band. Now you can "adjust" these if you know what you are doing, but off the shelf, this is what you generally get.

If they operate on the same frequencies as WiFi, seems like it might be a little difficult to discern between a drone's comm WiFi and background WiFi in whatever area they operate. Hell, you could mimic a SSID in the area to further hide behind.

Comment Re:Computerize them. (Score 1) 294

I don't understand why drivers are even needed any more.

For the same reason you still have plenty of humans working to build cars... the auto & rail labor unions are rather strong.

For now. But that won't last, automation is going to take over this stuff, and very soon. Especially when people see it's safer to have computers operating these things than humans. Unions have pull now, but they will lose eventually, they always lose to automation. Always will.

Never trust an operating system.