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+ - What's on those boxes? Preparing to move a data center.

Submitted by dugjohnson
dugjohnson (920519) writes "The data center that holds the boxes that run the various and sundry pieces of our applications is being dismantled. We are moving from individual computers to VMs and from one location to another. I am an application developer, not a hardware or network guy. My department "owns" about 50 of the boxes that are being moved and they have not been well documented over the years. The people who are really going to do all the heavy lifting want to know what is on the boxes and the dependencies, ports, connections. While it's a team effort, my team is supposed to take the first run at our boxes.
What is the process for going about this? I supposed I could just get a login for each of the 50 boxes and go poke around, but I'm willing to be that isn't "best practice". I've done some initial looking, but most of the suggestions I've found so far tell me to check the documentation and to figure out the things I want to figure out. I believe I understand "what" I'm trying to accomplish, including documenting what is there to make it easier next time, but I could use some guidance on the how."

+ - Fixer's Manifesto charts a better life path->

Submitted by
dugjohnson writes "The folks at Sugru came up with this fixer's manifesto which just spoke to so much of how I look at the world. Hacking a solution or a fix is so much more gratifying than just buying new.
From the site: Fixing is the unsung hero of creativity. And it really shouldn’t be. It’s the most common, humble and beautiful form of creativity. Let’s wear that belief proudly. Let’s notice and celebrate these little everyday triumphs, and help others see their value."

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+ - R.Q. Riley setting up for XR3 kits

Submitted by
dugjohnson writes "R.Q.Riley the company that has created the XR3 plans-built hybrid, has plans of its own, to build and offer parts leading to a kit. This announcement came from
XR3 Hybrid Update
XR3 Motors LLC to Supply Kits
There are lots of developments to report on the XR3 Hybrid.

XR3 Motors LLC has been formed in Ohio with development facilities located on the outskirts of Cleveland. In a few weeks, the existing prototype will go to a prominent university research center in Ohio for power train optimization. Chassis jigs and body molds will follow, along with several additional prototypes, which will make it possible to supply kits.

XR3 Motors LLC will supply the kits. Everyone who purchased plans will be notified in advance of the release of kits and have an opportunity to take advantage of a special discount.* If you purchased plans, you will receive a notification like this one, along with a link to an order form where you can place your order and select financing or payment options.

Your notification will include a detailed description of the contents of kits (body kit, chassis kit, etc.), along with prices and your discount.

Since plans were first introduced, we've added a special Plans-On-Disc package at half the price of the Deluxe Plans Package. If you have not purchased plans, please visit the recently updated page at"

+ - Embarcadero Buys CodeGear

Submitted by
dugjohnson writes "Embarcadero Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Codegear (Delphi, Delphi for PHP, JBuilder) from Borland).
In a letter to the CodeGear developer community, David Intersimone "David I" talks about today's announcement that will create the world's largest, platform-independent software provider of database and application development tools."

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