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Comment: Horsecrap! (Score 1) 617

by duggaman57 (#33061094) Attached to: School District Drops 'D' Grades
Yea, never mind the fact that the kids aren't learning is because of teacher's and parents who aren't involved enough if this part of the equation. It's a reality that you have to start at home. Just flunking someone because you're "tired of these kids squeaking by" is just more proof that the wrong people are in charge.

Comment: Lame Theory (Score 1) 88

by duggaman57 (#30995130) Attached to: De-Anonymizing Social Network Users
If I have a Social Networking account tied to the real me, and then I go and create an anonymous Social Networking page, do you really think I'm going to take the time to replicate all of my "groups" and things that would otherwise be on my primary profile? I obviously have something to hide, so this theory is bunk and not relevant.

"There is no statute of limitations on stupidity." -- Randomly produced by a computer program called Markov3.