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Comment Mission accomplished (Score 2, Interesting) 221

We already have a huge controlled fusion reactor with (on a human time scale) an unlimited fuel supply. And on top of that, this reactor has a distribution system that reaches most of the earth with abundant supplies of usable energy. The reactor has been nicknamed "the sun" and why don't we call the distribution network "sunshine"? So rather than "re-inventing the wheel" why don't we, for a small fraction of the cost of building a dangerous earth-bound version of the sun, just use what we already have?

Comment Two logic errors (Score 4, Insightful) 414

I see two obvious errors in logic in this analysis.
1. Rising total employment of Americans does not mean that other Americans were not replaced by H1B holders. If there were no H1Bs, employment of Americans would have been even higher. What sloppy logic!

2. From the article: "If H-1Bs were primarily cheaper substitutes for American labor, the pace of H-1B requests...should rise when unemployment rises, as employers look to cut labor costs by laying off workers." In what universe does this logic make sense? If unemployment is higher, cheaper labor can be obtained by hiring more Americans since they are having a harder time finding a job. The actual results are completely consistent with H1Bs being a cheaper replacement for American workers.

Comment Re:Israel has outstanding healthcare. (Score 1, Troll) 54

Sure... because Israel is rich. And it's rich because it steals the land (and water) of Palestinians. And because it bombs them and then forces them to work for low wages serving Israelis. And because the US gives them massive amounts of money.

I was pro-Israeli for most of my life. Until I saw Israeli bulldozers tearing down houses in Gaza before they pulled out and built the wall. Why did they do that? For "internal security"? No, this was not on Israeli land. They did it for reasons of hate and vengeance. Why should I (or the US) support that?

Israel has become a state sponsor of terrorism. Instead of explosive vests, they use jets and missiles.

Comment Re:Hire cops with the right education (Score 1) 277

Well, criminal justice majors should not be parole or probation officers either. :) For the same reasons. My point is that we need police officers better trained in human behavior. And that is not going to happen inside a police station. Get folks who understand and care about people. Then worry about job specific training. That job specific training is better done at the local level anyway because of differences in the law in different jurisdictions. And I think a college education is a good idea for the police because it exposes them to a wider view of the world and a wider variety of citizens. College is not really about job training and never has been.

Comment Hire cops with the right education (Score 4, Insightful) 277

I think part of the problem is that police forces hire "criminal justice" majors. These are folks who were attracted to police work BEFORE they went to college. I think they tend to be those to whom authority over others is attractive. They don't necessarily like people but they do like power over people. And they think that a badge will guarantee them respect. The low salary should be a clue that this is not true. But they demand respect from citizens they interact with. Look at the Sandra Bland cop who decided to arrest her because she would not put out her cigarette in her own car. Something she was under no obligation to do. But he did not like her "tone" because she was not respecting him.

So instead, hire cops from among graduates in sociology and anthropology. These are folks who want to understand behavior. And that's the most important training there is for a cop. Training in "law enforcement" and weapons can happen after they are hired. First get the right people in the job.

The best cop is a sociologist who knows the law and how to use a gun. Not a gun slinger who may or may not understand people and the law.

Comment Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 5, Insightful) 732

The whole anti-F35 argument rests on the report that one (1) F117 was shot down by Serbian forces using VHF technology. Otherwise, they are only talking about the possibility of long range tracking... not fire control radar. And in the case of that F117, there was no mention of the effective RCS.

The arguments about dependency on forward bases is destroyed by VTOL capability, a fact that was not even touched on in the discussion. Similarly, while it was mentioned that the F18 could drop external fuel tanks in combat, no mention was made of the fact that the F35 could drop (or fire) external munitions in a similar situation.

Overall, the review seems shallow and slanted against the F35. Personally, I think the military has far too many toys and their budget should be cut in half. But that does not make me blind to the sloppy arguments of this review.

Comment Alphabet... not Google Alphabet (Score 5, Informative) 235

The letter from Page could not be more clear. The new company name is Alphabet. Google is a wholly owned subsidiary of the new company along with YouTube, and other companies that will be created with their own CEOs.

GOOGL and GOOG stocks will continue to trade under those symbols, although the shares will actually be in the new Alphabet.

Comment This is why I funded Airtame (Score 1) 128

This is the exact reason I participated in the Airtame Indiegogo funding instead. Airtame is designed to reproduce anything that appears on your computer screen via wifi to your TV or other computers. No extra charges by 3rd parties. No walled garden.

Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 1) 124

The FCC has discretionary authority precisely because the issues are too complex and changing to be tracked by legislation. Basically Congress is saying, let the experts decide. Bottom line, ISPs based their business on elements of the public domain including public airwaves and right of way originally given to power companies. If they had obtained or created the infrastructure on their own, it would be a different matter. But they didn't.

Most public domain software is free, at least at first glance.