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+ - Bitcoin, a service and the micro-micro-economy->

Submitted by spenvo
spenvo (2023114) writes "I was drawn to this story because witcoin is a different species of web service. It exists in this kind micro-micro-payment space.

For example, in using the service I actually made the smallest transaction of money I have ever made in my life. My experience only validated what I already believed: that witcoin is lighting the way for what could be the world’s first true micro-micro-economy."

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Comment: Why this and not JRuby? (Score 1) 444

by dublinclontarf (#35555144) Attached to: Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax
There are two advantages to Mirah.
1) It doesn't need to load the Ruby standard library, so it's really quick to start up and uses less resources, this is important if you're using Google app engine, meaning much MUCH lower spin up time.
2) Static typing, it brings it with a ruby syntax, bringing along the associated speedup. Essentially it should execute at the same speed as Java.

Comment: Why use encryption? (Score 1) 660

by dublinclontarf (#30818794) Attached to: What's Holding Back Encryption?
Why use encryption? The Government, and not necessarily your own. Why would a government care about the content you view from websites? I moved to China 6 months ago and am sick of half the internet being blocked, I can't talk to my friends or family on facebook, my porn is cut off and plenty more. And China is only at the forefront, Australia is close behind followed by the UK(in the "free" world), and every other despot country with internet.

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