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Comment: Re: Redundant systems? (Score 1) 111 111

Yeup, actual relevant technical skills is irrelevant. Very disconcerting...especially considering that there are MANY out of work Sr. Computer Scientists with true, impeccable professional and schollastic pedigree. It wouldn't be as bad if those people counted their blessings and made (or even faked) the slightest effort to become qualified for their positions. Instead they flaunt their political prowess and attend only to that which expands their primary technical skill, "who they know". The foundation for turning "Idiocracy" from an interesting movie to an inescapable prophecy has been successfully constructed, not on sand

Comment: Re: Redundant systems? (Score 1) 111 111

They have Sr. Computer Scientists pulling deep six figures (of our tax dollars) that don't know the difference between 8086 (x86) and RISC, or how to change the IP address on a windows box and that stared at a shell prompt like it was a practical joke. I later found out that she was previously a bar tender "friend" of the civil servant who called in a favor or wait, that was a different one.

Comment: Re: Redundant systems? (Score 1) 111 111

I was just asked (privately) to be more specific, which I found interesting. So it'd be a worthy idea to start an audit, if such an audit existed, with the NISN IT Security group based out of Marshall Space Flight Center primarily outsourced to SAIC. That should get the ball rolling AND KEEP IT ROLLING.

Comment: Re: Redundant systems? (Score 1) 111 111

Kwaj could pickup the South Pacific. There were plenty hams when I was out there... But the problem is NASA, to quote one of my prior NASA co-worker (one of the few actual skilled) "NASA's welfare for nerds...". NASA and its contractors are in serious need of a "job skills" audit, at least in IT. It's an embarrassing living, breathing, self-perpetuating Charlie Foxtrot.

Comment: Not surprising at all (Score 1) 111 111

I worked at NASA for 4 years, there are some talented people but they're so far and few between those people must hide their skills like early Christians hid their beliefs. It was's a miricle more and much worse doesn't happen on a regular basis.

You will have many recoverable tape errors.