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Google Wants To Take Away Your Capslock Key 968

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the they-can-have-it dept.
heptapod writes "Slashdot reported earlier about Google's Chrome notebook and keen-eyed readers would have noticed the lack of a caps lock key. 'According to Google, this will improve the quality of the comments, because people will not be able to write all in capital letters. I'm not a fan of the caps lock key myself. I never use it, so it can go to hell, for all I'm concerned. But taking away choice from people is not good, especially when this is not going to improve the quality of comments.'"

Comment: Re:evolution (Score 1) 337

by dtaciuch (#28818419) Attached to: New Zealand Tree Stuck In Evolutionary Time Warp
Old adaptations are pretty common--take the Osage-Orange, for example. Nothing eats it, nothings disperses the seeds anymore; the creatures that probably fed on it and spread the seeds went extinct long ago (giant ground sloths, etc). It would have likely gone extinct too, but we humans planted the tree for windbreaks and for useful wood.

Skin-Based Display Screens From Nanotech Tattoos 200

Posted by timothy
from the your-epidermis-is-showing-a-movie dept.
destinyland writes "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York is developing flexible nanotubes inserted under the skin to create a handheld display — inside your hand. They wirelessly receive data and display reminders and text messages, and the concept has also been broadened to suggest endlessly programmable digital tattoos, while Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics is also exploring the concept of the body as 'a platform for electronics and interactive skin technologies'." That middle link is quite old, but is still loaded with interesting links.

Anonymous Network I2P 0.7.2 Released 231

Posted by timothy
from the layers-and-layers dept.
Mathiasdm writes "The Invisible Internet Project, also known as I2P, has seen its 0.7.2 release (download). I2P uses multiple encryption layers, and routing through several other computers to hide both sender and receiver of messages. On top of the network, regular services such as mail, browsing, file sharing and chatting are supported. This release (and all of the releases since 0.7) is at the start of a new development period, in which the I2P developers wish to spread the word about the secure network. This new release includes performance improvements, a first edition of an experimental new desktop interface and security improvements (by limiting the number of tunnels a single peer can participate in)."

Comment: Sales De-Lising Includes Political Books (Score 4, Interesting) 470

by dtaciuch (#27552165) Attached to: Amazon Culls "Offensive" Books From Search System
Andrew Sulliva;s Virtually Normal has been delisted: Sullivan's post may be misleadingly titled: is Virtually Normal, (a non-fiction book about gay rights, from a conservative perspective) a "gay-themed" book? Or is it just that its politics is likely to make someone uncomfortable?

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