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Comment: Re:Yes, They Can (Score 1) 277

by dsvick (#45235245) Attached to: Can Nintendo Survive Gaming's Brave New World?

I'd have to agree. Regardless of what they do in the console realm, their handhelds will be going strong for at least the near future.

When we decide that our son deserves a reward or we want to just surprise him with a new game, a $30 3DS game is much easier on the wallet than a $60 console game. The same logic applies to when he wants to spend money he has saved up, he can get usually afford a new 3DS game, or even two used ones, but almost never can he get a new console game.

Comment: Re:Thanks for including the "but it's normal" note (Score 1) 127

by dsvick (#44488247) Attached to: NASA Data Suggests Solar Magnetic Field About To Flip

What makes you think they'll let a little fact like that get in the way of their doomsaying? I'm sure they'll be able to come up with something:
This one happened faster than previous ones
This one was slower than others
This one was stronger
It was weaker
It's going to happen over the holidays so it has biblical implications
When combined with global warming it will cause untold catastrophes

Comment: Other OS devices aren't relevant (Score 1) 497

by dsvick (#43906559) Attached to: Can Microsoft Survive If Windows Doesn't Dominate?

Can we mod the OP as a troll?

Saying that the market share of windows is declining while increasing the size of the market with devices that widows was a never a factor on is misleading and manipulative.
I'm by no means an MS evangelist or anything but the argument in the OP is sort of like saying that Ford is losing market a share when you include lawn mowers and tractors into the market. They simply aren't relevant, when windows begins to lose market share in the PC market at the rate described above, then you can pose the question. Until then it just sounds like you're trying to start a fight.

Comment: Re:RENTING?!?!?! (Score 1) 379

by dsvick (#43814909) Attached to: Xbox One Used Game Policy Leaks: Publishers Get a Cut of Sale

I was just wondering the same thing. I won't buy most games unless I can rent them first and try them.

So, MS is saying you have to just buy the game, no more trying it out first. Oh, and you have to buy it at pretty close to retail price too, even if it is used. You can't borrow one from a friend to try it out (my son does that all the time and we go buy the ones he likes). You can't take them to someone else's house for a game night.
I guess I wont be getting an xbox 1

Comment: Re:must... protect.... god... (Score 3, Funny) 294

by dsvick (#43713035) Attached to: Bill Gates Opens Up About Steve Jobs

According to, you're ok with smitten. However you should probably be a bit more specific about which definition you mean. One would be rather amusing to see, the other sort of disgusting in a beastial sort of way

And, I'm not sure the llamas would appreciate either

To downgrade the human mind is bad theology. - C. K. Chesterton